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Baby Wipe Recall

Not all product recalls are mandatory. Oftentimes companies will announce voluntary product recalls as a precaution prior to being forced to by a regulating group. Consumers experienced this first hand earlier this week when yet another product recall was announced. This new recall is for popular baby wipes manufactured by Nutek Disposables.

The Pennsylvania based company announced a voluntary recall due to a possible bacterial contamination in certain packages of wipes. The first cause of concern for the company occurred upon receiving numerous complaints about an unusual odor and discoloration in the wipes. The bacteria said to be contaminating certain packs of wipes from a specific facility is Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia). This is not a particularly dangerous bacterium for healthy individuals, but for those who may have a weak immune system, lung disease, or other issue may be infected by this bacteria. While no specific reports of injuries or sickness have been attributed to the baby wipes, the company has received multiple reports of fever, gastrointestinal problems, rash, and irritation by users. The company is still working to determine whether these issues can be attributed to the B. cepacia bacteria.

There are a few different wet wipe brand names included in the recall:

  • Cuties
  • Femtex
  • Fred’s
  • Kidgets
  • Member’s Mark
  • Simply Right
  • Sunny Smiles
  • Tender Touch
  • Well Beginnings

The potentially-affected wipes would have been purchased from, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Sam’s Club, or Fred’s prior to October 21, 2014. If you believe that you purchased wipes included in this product recall, simply return the wipes for a refund to the store where you bought them.

Hopefully no serious injuries or ailments will result from these contaminated baby wipes. Unfortunately, many Americans experience injuries as a result of defective products each year. If these baby wipes do lead to medical bills and problems for a child or parent using the wipes, they may be entitled to legal compensation from the manufacturer. Experienced product defect lawyers know that the pain and suffering, as well as medical bills, which victims are left with should be covered by the company at-fault for the defect.

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