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Bouncer and Security Guard Injuries in Kennesaw

Many locals, tourists, and college students would agree that Kennesaw and the surrounding areas have some great watering holes. Locally, we have the SuBourbon Bar & Social Club, Hudson Grille, Mazzy’s Sports Bar & Grill, the “World of Beer,” Sivas Tavern, the Electric Cowboy, and Owlz Pub. While these establishments can be loads of fun, there’s a darker side to the bar scene, and it’s happening everywhere.

Whenever a restaurant, bar, or nightclub serves alcohol to patrons, they run the risk of bar fights and overly-aggressive patrons; it’s inevitable. In an effort to protect the safety of their patrons, bars and nightclubs are in the practice of hiring bouncers and security guards.

It’s common knowledge that bouncers and security guards are supposed to remove overly-intoxicated patrons and break up brawls between guests. However, they walk a very fine line. While they are supposed to “remove” problematic patrons from the establishment, they are supposed to do so in a safe manner as not to jeopardize the patron’s safety.

When Bouncers Get Carried Away

Understandably, being a bouncer or security guard is not easy to do. Dealing with violent or rowdy patrons is not an easy task. Security guards and bouncers, as big and threatening as they may appear, should not use unnecessary violence to remove patrons from the bars and nightclubs where they are employed. If a bouncer or security guard is reckless or negligent and they injure a patron, they leave themselves (and their employers) open to lawsuits.

Suppose a patron at a bar had been drinking and after a woman politely declined his offers to join him on the dance floor, he began shouting at her. Two bouncers quickly sweep in and escort the man to the door. As the man is being carried out by the two bouncers, they throw him out the door. Unsteady, he hits his face on the ground and his two front teeth are knocked out.

Since the bouncers were overly aggressive by throwing the man outside, they would be considered “negligent” in their handling of the inebriated patron. If the patron called one of the bouncers a name and offended, the bouncer punched the man in the face, knocking him unconscious – that too would be considered unnecessary violence and could give rise to a lawsuit.

Under Georgia’s premises liability law, bar and nightclub owners can be held liable when the bouncers and security guards they employ cause unnecessary injuries to their patrons. So, if this happened to you, we urge you to contact us about filing a claim for compensation.

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