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Britax Stroller Recall

On February 16, a large-scale recall was announced on popular Britax strollers that use the Click & Go receivers to produce a portable system. The recalled models are the BOB Motion and B-Agile Strollers, but are said to be dangerous only when the car seat is attached to the stroller. Britax assures consumers that the strollers are safe when fully reclined for infants, and the car seats safe when not attached to the stroller base. A total of 676,000 stroller systems were included in the safety recall.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 33 separate instances of the Britax car seats separating from the stroller bases, causing the system to collapse unexpectedly to the ground. The defect involves a fracture forming in the Click & Go receiver mount. Britax found that damage to the stroller frame can occur when the strollers is stored or dropped while the Click & Go receives are still attached. The damaged click and go receive mounts on the stroller frame can cause the attached car seat to disengage unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard.

26 of those 33 reports resulted in bruises, scratches, cuts, and bumps to children. The CPSC is aware of at least 1,337 additional reports of dangerous strollers affected by the same safety issue.

You can confirm if your stroller is included in this recall by visiting, where a complete list of model numbers are listed. All colors are included in this recall.

If your stroller is included in the stroller recall, Britax asks that you not return the product to the retail location where it was purchased. Instead, remove your Click & Go receiver parts and throw them away. Contact the Britax Customer Service line to request replacement Click & Go receive parts, which are simple to install. An instructional video can be found on the Britax website.

All parties involved in this Britax recall have child safety in mind, as do the staff members and attorneys at Jones & Swanson. If your child has experienced serious injuries as a result of a defect or recall such as this one, it is important to seek medical attention right away. It can be difficult to know when a child is seriously injured without the assistance of a professional, so we urge you to be extra precautious. For more information about product recalls, call us today at 770-427-5498.

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