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Medication Litigation and Recall Information

Medications are discovered to be dangerous to consumers quite frequently – but that doesn’t always mean consumers are properly alerted. It can take many years for manufacturers or the FDA to make medication concerns public knowledge.

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Diet Pill Risks

Diet pills have been known to contain dangerous ingredients, many times leading to the loss of life. Here are a few things to beware of when considering weight loss supplements.

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Protect Yourself in the Event of Injury

Many Americans hesitate to involve an attorney in their troubles, regardless of how difficult a time they may be having. While it is true that some people look for ways to sue people, that doesn’t mean every situation is the same.

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Hiring an Injury Attorney

The decision to hire an attorney can be a very difficult one to make for many Georgians. It is our firm belief that if you are injured or lose a loved one because another person was negligent, that person should be held liable. These types of incidents can change a person’s life forever, so we urge you to seek legal counsel to lessen that burden.

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