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Children’s Furniture and Pajama Product Recalls

Product recalls occur quite often, simply because of the vast amount of products that are manufactured and sold in the United States each day of the year. When a company produces a product, they are typically required by law to meet certain safety and quality standards. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In the event that a product makes it to the shelves for consumers to purchase and is later determined to be faulty, a product recall is issued.

There have been a few product recalls recently that affect children, which are many times the most troubling. As parents, it is our responsibility to be aware of these recalls and ensure that you do not own these products in your home.

The first two recalled items are pieces of children’s furniture. The first recall is on the Riley Duo Bunk Beds manufactured by Wood Castle Furniture, which houses a full size mattress on bottom and twin size on top. This recall includes beds with C 5702, E 5702, and M 5702 model numbers, which can be found on the warning label located on the top bunk’s rail. This recall has been issued because the space between the guardrails may be too wide if they are greater than 3.5 inches. This extra space could potentially cause entrapment, choking, or other injuries to children. If you own a bunk bed of this make and model, you should prevent children from accessing it until you’ve contacted Wood Castle Furniture and had the product repaired. The company can be contacted at (571) 754-9304 or online at

The second recall is on Lullaby Cradle Gliders, sold at stores including Toys R Us, Walmart, Sears, and K-Mart. These cradles are manufactured by Dream On Me Inc. and all that were manufactured after October 2011 are included in the recall. The issue with the glider is that the piece supporting the mattress has the potential of falling or sliding out, which could lead to children falling out of the cradle and suffering significant injuries. If you own this product, stop use immediately and contact Dream on Me at (877) 201-4317 or online at to have it fixed.

The third and fourth recalled items that affect our kids are pajamas. LL. Bean released a product recall on their Girl’s or Little Girls” pajama sets described as jersey knit aurora purple. This is a two-piece pajama set sold at LL. Bean stores nationwide beginning in June 2013. The tops are solid purple and long sleeved. The pant bottoms are purple with a pattern and solid waistband. Product ID numbers on these pajamas are 284889 and 284890, which can be found on the side seam label. LL. Bean can be contacted at (800) 555-9717 or if you have purchased this pajama set for your children. The Bailey Boys, Inc. also recalled pajama bottoms this month, including many different colors and prints of Boy’s Loungewear 100% cotton pants. These pajama bottoms have a white drawstring in the waistband and were sold in boutique’s across the United States. For more information on this recall and contact information for a refund, visit this link. Each of these pajama recalls are due to failure to meet federal standards for flammability for children’s sleepwear.

Product recalls can be devastating, so it’s important to cease use of recalled products immediately so that injuries can be prevented. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure the safety of products that are offered to the public, which means that oftentimes in the event of an injury or death, the manufacturer can be held liable for damages. For more information on Georgia product recall claims, contact Jones & Swanson today at (770) 427-5498.

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