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Dangers of Energy Drinks

Last year we blogged about the dangers associated with the popular 5-Hour Energy drinks because of a high number of deaths being investigated in relation to the beverages. Emergency room visits related to energy drink consumption have doubled in the last four years. More recently, popular energy drinks such as Monster, RedBull, and Rockstar have been studied after a string of health incidents that could be attributed to consumption of these drinks.

While these energy drinks may be quick sources of energy, there’s a reason for this. The drinks often contain caffeine amounts as high as 500 milligrams in each serving. This is approximately seven times more than the caffeine amount found in a single can of Coke. The drinks are often labeled as “dietary supplements” due to more tolerant regulations in comparison to food products. Dietary supplements do not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration before being sold, which makes it more appealing for manufacturers to brand energy drinks in this manner.

Recently, the FDA released a report suggesting that the energy provided by these drinks may cost consumers more than originally thought. Specifically, Monster and 5-Hour Energy drinks are being investigated in connection to 166 medical occurrences in the last ten years. 18 of those occurrences led to death. Approximately half were considered to be life-threatening, serious, or required hospitalization. Some of the side effects and complaints associated with these incidents include head pains, increased heart rate, blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness, and nausea.

Due to the potential dangers associated with energy drinks, members of Congress are becoming more aware of the risks. The FDA findings may cause a change in the classification system of all energy drinks.

While consuming energy drinks may not immediately lead to obvious side effects, we feel that it is important to be educated on the risks of these drinks. Typically, those who moderate the amount of energy drinks that they consume will not have to worry about medical issues. You should also avoid consuming other caffeinated beverages in addition to an energy drink.

Product Liability for Energy Drink Manufacturers

If a direct correlation between the consumption of energy drinks and medical problems can be made by the FDA or other organizations, the manufacturers of those drinks may have legal claims to worry about. Because these companies developed and released these drinks to be sold to the public, they may be held responsible if those drinks are found to be overly dangerous to consumers.

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