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Dangers of Falling Televisions

There are numerous things within our homes that have the potential to cause severe bodily injury to our loved ones. One that is not often considered a significant danger is that of televisions. Recent studies by the Child Injury Prevention Alliance have shown that the number of people injured due to televisions-related accidents is approximately 17,000 each year. Perhaps the most dangerous concern is that televisions can easily tip or fall over onto people. When a child is involved, this can be especially scary because they are so small compared to the 50 and 100 pound television sets. A child is taken to the E.R. approximately every 45 minutes due to a TV-toppling related injury.

Unfortunately, injuries sustained due to falling televisions have increased in recent years, which some may find surprising. Research shows that the cause of the increase may be due to new television sets being purchased and older televisions being moved to other, less visited parts of the home. For instance, when families buy newer flat panel televisions, they move their old TVs to areas such as bedrooms or playrooms. These television sets are oftentimes not placed on an appropriate television stand designed to support the appliance. Typically they are placed on tables or dressers that are convenient and available for storage. This is dangerous because the designs of these stands may allow for televisions to tip over more easily. Also, kids see a television as a play item, so they may climb to reach it and attempt to turn it on. This can lead to a TV toppling on top of a child, causing significant bodily harm.

In an effort to prevent television tip-overs, we have a list of safety tips for you to review:

  • Televisions should always be secured to the wall or stand, regardless of whether it’s a flat panel or not. There are safety straps and L-brackets made specifically for this purpose.
  • Never place a television on furniture that is not meant to hold the appliance. They are not constructed with TV safety in mind.
  • Avoid placing items on top of televisions or furniture that a TV is on. Kids may attempt to climb the furniture to reach the item, which may lead to a tip-over.
  • Verify that televisions are secured safely in all areas that your child spends time, including areas outside your home.

As a Marietta personal injury law firm, we often see injuries that could have been prevented. We hope that these television safety tips will keep your family and friends safe by educating on a topic not often on people’s minds. If you have questions or need to discuss a potential personal injury claim with an experienced attorney, contact our firm today at (770) 427-5498.

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