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Fisher-Price & CPSC Warn “Rock ‘N Play” Sleeper Can Cause Infant Death

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Fisher-Price are both urging parents across the country to stop using the Fisher-Price “Rock ‘N Play” sleeper product until its safety instructions have been reviewed and understood. At least 10 infants have lost their lives since 2015, all due to complications and injuries caused when the product rolled over.

Infants tend to start showing signs of rollover behaviors around three months of age. All 10 recorded deaths included infants aged at least three months. Fisher-Price has stated parents should stop using the product if their child is over three months, or whenever they begin showing rollover behaviors, whichever comes first. The children’s product manufacturer also urged parents to always use the three-point harness restraint system that comes with the “Rock ‘N Play” sleeper. The CPSC said in a press release that no blankets, pillows, or toys should ever be placed in any sleeper, crib, or bassinet with an infant. It is not known at this time if such additional items contributed at all to the deaths of the 10 infants.

(The full CPSC press release about the dangers of Fisher-Price “Rock ‘N Play” sleepers can be viewed by clicking here.)

What to Do If Your Child is Hurt in a “Rock ‘N Play” Sleeper

Fisher-Price has urged parents to use caution when using the “Rock ‘N Play” sleeper, but it is not clear if enough, or any, warnings were included with the product at first. Some packages only note to not allow an infant to use the product if they are known to have rollover behaviors, but it does not note a specific age limitation. As such, the safety instructions are arguably unclear and inadequate. Additionally, the first known infant death related to a “Rock ‘N Play” rollover occurred in 2015, but no immediate, widespread action was taken to notify parents and protect other infants.

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