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Food Truck Hazards

Food trucks and mobile kitchens have become popular around Marietta and surrounding metro-Atlanta areas in recent years. Many offer tasty and affordably priced items in convenient locations. There’s even an Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market located off Howell Mill Road where a variety of trucks gather to provide a diverse food scene and fun environment.

Unfortunately, the rise of food truck popularity has also led to hazards such as explosions and truck fires. Last year, a Philadelphia food truck exploded while parked in a neighborhood, causing 13 injuries and two deaths. The explosion was attributed to two propane tanks exploding, shooting flames across the street and engulfing the truck itself. Another 2015 food truck explosion occurred in Washington, D.C.

These mobile kitchens have to use fuel or electric generators to properly cook food, but if not handled correctly these materials can lead to serious problems. While food truck safety standards are becoming more stringent, this does not ensure absolute safety.

In the event of an injury as a result of a food truck incident, determining responsibility can be difficult. While the vendor operator is a possibility, it may also be sponsors, promoters, charities, and even municipalities, depending on where and who backs the event. So while we enjoy a good food truck taco, it is important to exercise caution when around these mobile kitchens. And if you own such a vehicle, we urge you to take the proper precautions to prevent disasters from happening in Georgia.

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