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Hoverboard Recall

As little as a few years ago, “hoverboards” were unheard of. In the past few years, these self-balancing scooters have become a reality. In February, we blogged about the rising popularity of hoverboards and safety risks associated with the popular product. One of those hazards was the propensity for fire or explosion. Only a few months later, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of certain hoverboards for exactly this reason.

In July, approximately 500,000 hoverboard units were included in a recall attributed to their lithium-ion battery backs posing a risk of overheating, which could lead to fire and explosion. At least 99 reported incidents of overheating battery packs in these products have been reported – some of which led to injuries.

So how do you know if your hoverboard is included in the recall? If you purchased your hoverboard from July 2015-May 2016 from any of the following locations, you may have a recalled item and should contact the merchandiser:

  • Digital Gadgets LLC (Monroe, New Jersey)
  • Hoverboard LLC (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • Hype Wireless Edison, New Jersey)
  • Keenford Ltd. (Lynbrook, New York)
  • PTX Performance Products (Irvine, California)
  • Razor USA LLC (Cerritos, California)
  • Swagway LLC (South Bend, Indiana)
  • Yuka Clothing (Miami, Florida)
  • Boscov’s (Reading, Pennsylvania)
  • (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Most companies are offering refunds for the recalled hoverboards, but many will provide replacements or repair at no cost as well. The recalled products would have originally sold for $350-$900.

If you or someone you know have been injured as a result of a hoverboard fire or explosion, call Jones & Swanson today for information on your rights and a free consultation.

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