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Hoverboard Safety

The 1989 film “Back to the Future 2” predicted transportation devices that defied gravity: hoverboards. These devices aren’t as out of reach as many might think. Hoverboards were one of the top selling gifts this Christmas holiday. While the hoverboards for sale at your local retailed may not levitate, they are very similar to the movie’s devices. Similar to segways, these boards are navigated using one’s balance and body weight. Most models have wheels and motors that make them mobile and the inexpensive models can be purchased for only a few hundred dollars.

While hoverboards may be exciting and fun, they can be dangerous as well. There are no handles or ways to balance, so it can be difficult to stay on these scooter-like devices. Videos have been circulating the web showing falls as a result of hoverboards, many of which lead to minor and significant injuries. To avert fall injuries, it is important to slowly become used to hoverboards and practice with assistance. Another safety concern is the possibility and rumors of fire, combustion, and explosions. Faulty batteries were attributed to numerous hoverboard fires in 2015, particularly those used in cheaper model boards and knock-off versions. To prevent this injury risk, it is suggested to purchase hoverboards directly from manufacturers.

It is important to wear safety gear while using hoverboards, including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards. Similarly to when riding bikes or skateboards, you should add padding between yourself and possible falls. After a London hoverboard-bus crash, it is also important to note that operating a hoverboard near traffic is extremely dangerous. If you must use your board near a roadway, make sure to use extreme caution and wear highly visible attire.

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