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Keurig Coffee Maker Recall

Keurig has made a name for itself in recent years due to the unique coffee makers that have been selling rapidly. The brand offers a variety of brewing systems, from smaller mini-systems to larger-corporate coffee makers used at businesses across the United States. Unfortunately, a specific model Keurig coffee maker has been voluntarily recalled by the company this month.

The Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System, model number K10 (previously B31), has been recalled due to the potential for hot liquids to spray out of the system, posing a burn threat. There have been approximately 200 reports of hot liquid spraying form the brewer, and 90 burn injuries. This is said to occur when the unit is used to brew more than two cups back to back, which causes overheating to occur in the unit. Approximately 6.6 million units have been recalled in the U.S. alone. Affected models would have been produced before July of 2014 and were sold at popular stores such as Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Kmart, and more. If you believe your Keurig coffee maker is included in this recall, please contact Keurig at (844) 255-7886.

These types of product recalls are announced by companies in an effort to prevent further injuries to consumers. In the event that consumers experience burns or other injuries as a result of a defective product, the manufacturing company can be held responsible by injured parties. Expenses that these companies may have to pay for that injured consumer include medical bills, wage reimbursement for loss of work days, and compensation for pain and suffering.

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