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Nathan’s Hotdogs Recalled

Summertime is the perfect time for cookouts and camping, both of which frequently involve hotdogs. Roasting hotdogs from a campfire or cooking them on the grill is quick, easy and cost effective. Even visits to the ball park, whether professional or little league, might lead to hotdog consumption. Unfortunately, a popular brand of hotdogs was recently recalled due to safety concerns.

The company that produces Nathan’s and Curtis hot dogs has recalled more than 200,000 pounds of the product after receiving complaints of metal being found in packages. Nathan’s is one of the leading hot dog brands and hosts of the “Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating” championship every year in July. There were three separate complaints that led to the recall, each one involving consumers finding small metal scraps within the food packaging. The manufacturer of the hotdogs, John Morrell & Co. out of Cincinnati, Ohio, was notified of the complaints and issued the recall on May 19.

The recall consists of two different products. The first is the 14 oz. “Nathan’s Skinless 8 Beef Franks”, with an expiration date of August 19, 2017. The second is the 16 oz. “Curtis Beef Master Franks” with an expiration date of June 15, 2017. Both packages have “Est. 296” on the side of the packaging and were shipped nationwide to many different retailers. Check your hotdog packaging for these markers before purchasing or cooking them to avoid injury.

Thus far, there have been no injuries reported because of the contaminated meat. Authorities have advised consumers who have purchased either of the two recalled products to immediately dispose of them or return them to their local retailer for a refund.

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