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Nike Dri-Fit Material Examined in Personal Injury Claim

Each month, countless product recalls are announced by manufacturing companies and the NHTSA in an effort to prevent injury to innocent consumers. At Jones & Swanson, we feel that it is important to keep our readers updated on the most commonly used defective products so that they can take appropriate action to prevent injuries.

Unfortunately, not all dangerous products are recalled. In the event of high-risk items, manufacturers typically provide warning labels so that consumers know about the risks up front. For instance, laceration, choking, and burn hazard labels can be found on a variety of items found in the everyday household.

Some of the most devastating injury cases that the attorneys and staff at Jones & Swanson see are those that involve children. Animal attacks and product defects many times affect children, which was the case in a law suit against Nike brought by a Texas family after their son received extensive burn injuries after his Dri-Fit shorts caught fire in May of 2014. The boy had been standing a supposed safe distance away from a campfire with his friends when his Dri-Fit shorts ignited. When he tried to roll on the ground to extinguish the flames, his hands were burned as well. This situation becomes more questionable when investigators discovered that the boy was standing the furthest from the fire of all the other children, yet was the only one to catch fire. His cotton shirt and socks were untouched, and in spite of the obvious burn hazard, the shorts did not have a highly flammable warning label.

While Nike surely did not intend for their product to bring harm to consumers, they may still be held liable for actual and punitive damages for product liability and negligence in this case. The suit is ongoing, but regardless of the outcome will motivate consumers to use caution and manufacturers to warn consumers of any potential dangers associated with their products in an effort to avoid such legal situations.

At Jones & Swanson, we have represented clients that were injured due to a defective or malfunctioning product on multiple occasions. These defects may be found in automobiles, toys, clothing, furniture, and other items used by Georgians on a daily basis. We urge readers to heed warning labels on products and to cease use of seemingly-dangerous items right away. If you or someone you know were injured as a result of a product that was defective or dangerous, fill out our free Case Evaluation form or call (770) 427-5498 to discuss your potential legal claim.

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