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Recalls that May Affect Your Children

Product recalls occur every day on all types of merchandise, from cars to foods. Unfortunately, it’s not always adults that face dangers as a result of a defective consumer product. Children’s products are involved in recalls quite often as well, so it’s important for parents and guardians to stay up-to-date on the most recent defects that may affect their children.

In July of last year, Bexco announced a recall of 11,500 cribs due to defects. In October, the company expanded the recall to include an additional 6,000 units. The recall is attributed to a metal bracket supporting the mattress and crib that may break, which could lead to a gap or uneven surface. If this were to happen while a child is in the crib, it would pose various safety risks. Entrapment, lacerations, and falls are potential hazards from this defective crib part. If you have a Reagan, Emily, Jamie, or Jenny model DaVinci crib in your home that was created between May and December of 2012, it may be included in this recall. While no injuries have yet been reported, it is important that you check your cribs to ensure that it isn’t included in the recall. If it is, contact the manufacturer right away.

Earlier this month, Britax announced two recalls on children’s products. The first included 71,454 B-Safe 35 child restraint seats that were manufactured from October 2014 to July 2015. The defect is in the seats’ handles, as they are prone to cracking at the handle grip. This can cause the handle to fracture, so children in the seats are at risk of fall injuries. The other Britax recall is on approximately 49,000 B-Ready strollers for a similar defect. The arm of the stroller has form padding that may fragment and come loose if children bite or pick at the foam. In the event that this material comes off in a child’s mouth, they are at risk of choking. To find out whether your Britax seat or stroller is included in one of these recalls, visit

Each of these recalls are frightening because they may affect defenseless children. If you have a young child that you care about in your life, take the initiative to keep up with recalls in case defective products have the potential to injure them. Complete recall lists and information can be found at

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