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Toys to Avoid Purchasing as Gifts this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Malls are crowded, sales are constant, and everyone is looking to finish their Christmas shopping lists. Some of the most highly purchased gift items each December are toys. Parents, friends, and loved ones buy toys for children each year. Many people purchase toys for charities and programs that provide for in-need families. This year, our office wants to warn shoppers about a few toys that have been recalled in the past year. Be cautious when purchasing toys for young children because there are many safety concerns associated with them. When shopping for young ones, make sure to be aware of the age suggestions on the packaging and avoid toys that have parts that can be dangerous.

The following toys were recalled in 2012 and should be avoided when purchasing gifts for children:

  • X-Rider Car: a plastic, red scooter manufactured by the Step2 Company. This product is sold at many retailers, including Target. It was recalled in November due to a fall hazard when children lean forward too far on the seat.
  • Green Toys Mini Vehicles: plastic toy cars with model numbers MVHA-1014 and MVFA 1022. This product is sold throughout the United States at grocery stores and other retailers. They were recalled in July due to choking hazards when wheels and hubcaps detach.
  • Imagination 5-Sided Activity Center: This wooden set has two sides, one with a xylophone and one with a mirror. The model number is 46284 and the toy is sold at Toys “R” Us, both in stores and online. It was recalled in May due to choking hazards when the knobs attaching the keys detach.
  • Whoozit Starry Time baby rattles: plastic rattles with three stars stacked between two clear spheres on a bendable stem. These are sold at specialty toy stores and baby stores throughout the United States and was recalled in April due to choking hazards when the spheres break and release small parts.
  • Toulouse-Lap Trec magnetic sketch boards: red and brown magnetic sketch boards with animal shapes decorating the top with model numbers BX1026 and BX1027. These sketch boards are sold at Target and Barnes & Noble stores throughout the U.S., but were recalled in November. The tip of the pen may detach and poses a choking hazard to children.
  • Build-A-Bear Colorful Hearts Teddy: a white bear with multi-colored hears over its fur has been recalled from Workshops nationwide. The bear’s eyes may fall out, casing a hazard for choking.

Each of these toys, in addition to many others, has been recalled by manufacturers due to dangers associated with the design and product specs. If you know of a child that is in possession of a toy with product recalls, you should warn their guardians as soon as possible. There are a multitude of solutions to each of these recalls, which can be found online.

When you’re shopping for young children this Christmas season, being aware of the most current toy recalls is important. When in doubt as to what to purchase for a child, follow warnings on the packaging. Product recalls are in place to prevent injuries to users of those products and should be taken seriously. If you or someone you know have been injured as a result of a product that was recalled, contact our firm today for information on what to do next. We have experience with injuries as a result of product recalls and want to help make your holiday season as stress-free as possible.

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