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Wishing You a Safe Easter from Jones & Swanson

It’s that time of year again – spring is in the air and Easter Sunday just around the corner. As we gather with loved ones to barbecue and hunt for eggs, being mindful of some common accidents and injuries that occur on Easter can help us keep the day fun and safe.


Both children and adults may take an accidental tumble while navigating outdoors, so stay vigilant during egg hunts and other activities. If hosting, prepare ahead of time by removing potential trip hazards from the area. Water hoses, lawn decorations, and even tree roots can catch someone’s foot.

Food Allergies/Food Poisoning

Easter is often a potluck meal between friends and family, meaning you may not always know what is in every dish or how it was prepared.

If you have allergies, ask what is in the dishes you are eating. If you are bringing something, ask about the group’s food allergies ahead of time. You can also make people aware of what is in your food before serving it.

Proper food handling and storage is also a factor in keeping loved ones safe by avoiding severe stomach issues. Make sure refrigerated items are kept cool and hot items kept warm. Both have an acceptable window of time for consumption. If you are unsure of what temperatures food should be kept, consult the guidelines available on the CDC’s website.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, road accidents can happen any day of the year. Easter celebrations tend to start early and run long. Get proper sleep the night before to avoid drowsy driving, which can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Remember to stay vigilant on the road to ensure you and your loved ones get to and from your Easter celebrations without injury.

Easter is a joyous time to spend with family and friends, so get out there and enjoy a delicious meal, hunt for some eggs, and eat a healthy amount of candy, but always remember to stay safe.

Safety Tips

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