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“Z-Pak” Linked to Fatal Irregular Heart Rhythms

What’s the first thing most Georgians do when they begin experiencing symptoms of a cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, or similar illness? Usually, we seek advice from our physicians or fast clinics near our homes. A common drug that we often take advantage of is that of Zithromax, commonly referred to as a “Z-Pack”. I, for one, have used Zmax on multiple occasions to battle an illness before it became too serious.

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration released information warning that this popular antibiotic has been linked to fatal irregular heart rhythms in many patients. This statement on Tuesday went on to state that Zmax can cause irregular variations in the electrical action of the heart. This could lead to a fatal heart rhythm, often called a prolonged QT interval. This means that the timing of one’s heart contractions becomes uneven. Some are at higher risk than others, including those with low blood levels or potassium or magnesium. Also at higher risk are those with heart rates slower than the norm, present QT interval prolongation, or those on medications that are used to treat these unusual heart rhythms. The FDA suggested that doctors and other health care officials consider these risks of fatal heart rhythms prior to determining treatment plans for their patients. If a patient is already at risk in the cardiovascular area, they should reconsider their treatment plan if including Zithromax.

These new findings were determined in studies last year by the FDA and Pfizer, the manufacturer of the Zithromax antibiotic. Although the overall risk is said to be very low, it is still important to consider other options for treating infections and illnesses if you are already at risk in for cardiac events.

We see and hear commercials every week from attorneys promising aid when certain drugs cause health problems. Hopefully, this drug does not lead to these types of events.

If you or someone you know are currently taking Zithromax (Zmax) and have existing heart health issues, you should contact your doctor right away to discuss the potential hazards associated with this medication. There are a variety of alternatives to a Z-Pak, but only your doctor will be able to determine your risk factor and provide prescriptions for an alternative medication.

In the event that you or a loved one have experienced cardiovascular problems as a result of taking Zithromax, contact our personal injury attorneys today for information on what to do next. We understand your concern and your health is of utmost importance. We can be reached by telephone at (770) 427-5498 or via online contact form.

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