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  • Holiday Traveling Tips
    Holiday Traveling Tips

    Millions of Georgia drivers commute in a car, truck, or motorcycle every day, many on their way to work or school. During the holiday season, the number of vehicles on the road increases substantially ...

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  • Cobb County Nursing Home Neglect
    Cobb County Nursing Home Neglect

    There are over 300 nursing home facilities, accommodating more than 34,000 patients, in the state of Georgia alone. Many Georgians entrust the care of their loved ones to nursing home facilities, ...

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  • Excellent Medical Care is Your Right
    Excellent Medical Care is Your Right

    Just like department stores and shopping outlets have a responsibility to provide a safe environment to prevent accidents, healthcare providers must provide the best possible care to patients. What is ...

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  • Holiday Shopping Tips
    Holiday Shopping Tips

    The holiday season is finally here! Thanksgiving has come and gone, but Christmas is just around the corner! We all know what this means: shopping. Black Friday 2011 Has Passed But No Doubt With A ...

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