Holiday Traveling Tips

Millions of Georgia drivers commute in a car, truck, or motorcycle every day, many on their way to work or school. During the holiday season, the number of vehicles on the road increases substantially due to people traveling home for the holidays, shopping, and commuting to and from holiday events. With so many vehicles on the road, it is no wonder that the number of accidents increase during Christmas and New Year’s. Many of these celebrations involve alcohol, increasing the danger of motor vehicle accidents even more. The risk of automobile accidents increases significantly this time of year.

Holiday Accidents Have Decreased Since 2010

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, the number of crashes, injuries, and deaths reported by the Georgia State Patrol throughout the official “Christmas Holiday Period” has decreased since last year. From 6 P.M. on Friday, December 23 until midnight on Monday, December 26, there were 71 less crashes than 2010, 111 less injuries, and 2 fewer deaths than last year. This decrease in accidents, injuries, and deaths could be credited to the increase of law enforcement agencies throughout the state combing roadways for intoxicated drivers throughout the holiday season. The increased presence of law enforcement officers monitoring highways keeps many civilians from being injured during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays.

Although the number of Georgia automobile accidents has decreased in the 2011 holiday season, not all can be avoided. Car accidents are often the result of a failure to obey the Rules of the Road as set out in the Georgia Code and include running red lights, following too closely, failure to yield while turning left, speeding, texting while driving, and drunk driving. Instead of dampening your holiday spirit, take extra precautions for the safety of yourself and your passengers, and drive carefully in the upcoming weeks.

5 Holiday Traveling Tips

Below are a few Holiday Driving Tips to consider before traveling:

  • Drive the designated speed limit – there’s no need for the lengthy delay that a speeding ticket will cause. Slowing down will also increase your fuel economy, which is always a plus in today’s economy!
  • Get your vehicle inspected – many dealerships offer free inspections on vehicles. Take advantage of them! You have nothing to lose. If there are problems identified, have them taken care of before traveling.
  • Change the oil and tires – get these things taken care of early, as nothing will cause more problems during your holiday season than an unnecessary car accident.
  • Plan your route in advance – this ensures that you are prepared and not distracted by your GPS or telephone by searching for directions while driving.
  • Don’t text and drive – the road requires your complete and undivided attention at all times, especially during the holiday season. Perhaps your driving does not suffer when you are on your phone, but you never know what other drivers are doing and you can’t afford to be distracted this holiday season.

Georgia Sober Ride

In addition to the increased presence of law enforcement officers monitoring the highways this holiday season, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia is partnering with a variety of taxi companies and designated driver services throughout the state to keep the roads safe. On New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, these companies and services will be providing free rides home for those in need of sober drivers. These partnerships have been implemented to ensure that your holiday season is not dampened by the dangers of drunk drivers. For a list of available services, visit Drive Sober, Georgia Free Ride Home Providers. You can also download the Android and Apple iPhone apps that allow for mobile access to these services.

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