When are Property Owners Responsible for their Unsafe Environments?

Like many areas of personal injury litigation, premises liability cases are not always the easiest to understand. When one hears about a premises liability case, they commonly think of slip and fall accidents. A lesser known part of the premises liability area of law is negligent security, or inadequate safety on property. It involves landowners being held responsible for injuries to plaintiffs caused by the reckless or intentional criminal conduct of a third party.

Georgia negligent security claims often involve property owners or those in control of the property failing to provide the safety or security required to prevent dangerous attacks. These criminal attacks can include forced entries, robberies, abduction, assaults, murders, or rapes. Inadequate security incidents can happen anywhere – retail stores, hotels, parking lots, amusement parks, airports, apartment buildings, malls or restaurants. There are a variety of circumstances that might endanger citizens due to lack of safety.

Safety Precautions Property Owners Should Be Taking

In order for Georgia negligent security lawyers to establish liability, it must be proven that property owners failed to provide adequate protection to those on their property. Especially in high crime areas, property owners should take precautions to ensure safety to everyone involved. Typically, Atlanta negligent security cases claim that property owners failed to follow one or more of the following safety procedures that would have prevented the criminal from injuring those parties involved:

  • Inadequate lighting for security
  • Not providing security guards or adequate security patrols
  • Faulty or inadequate gates, doors, fences, or locks
  • Lack of or inadequately placed video monitoring equipment or surveillance cameras
  • Failure to provide working alarm systems
  • Not responding to a security alert
  • Failing to adequately warn others of potential for danger

Property owners should be aware of possible crimes on their property and do everything in their power to prevent them. Something as insignificant as landlords not repairing a lock when tenants report it can result in a break in that those property owners could be held responsible for.

Why You Need an Attorney to Handle Atlanta Negligent Security Cases

Negligent security liability is one of the more unpredictable areas of law in the state of Georgia. There are many competing state policy considerations that courts and injuries are faced with, so they have difficulty determining the degree of liability that should be assigned in particular situations. Because of these inadequacies, Marietta negligent security cases are very fact-specific so it is important to retain an experienced injury attorney that understands the various factors that may affect the outcome in pursuing a negligent security claim.

Without an investigation, it is not always clear if victims of dangerous crime have negligent security cases or not. These cases require an experienced injury lawyer to establish the facts of the case needed to prove liability to courts and juries. Negligent security cases range in value, each considering pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages that resulted from the dangerous crime. Because settlements and verdicts involving negligent security can be large, it is not likely that adjusters will pay the fair value of a claim to someone that is not represented by the best Marietta negligent security attorneys. At Jones & Swanson, our Kennesaw negligent security lawyers will help you every step of the way. We have experience determining the value of cases and can negotiate or litigate to recover what you deserve. For a free consultation, contact our Atlanta negligent security lawyers today at (770) 427-5498.