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Blog Posts in May, 2015

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  • Hit and Run Accidents
    Hit and Run Accidents

    While all traffic accidents leave victims feeling discouraged, hit and runs are some of the most disheartening. A hit and run accident is defined as any incident in which the driver of a motor vehicle ...

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  • Booster Seat Recall
    Booster Seat Recall

    Last week, OXO and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall on Nest Booster Seats. This recall is in response to claims that the restraint strap stitching can loosen, which would ...

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  • Diet Pill Risks
    Diet Pill Risks

    Weight loss is becoming a common goal for U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, instead of working out or eating healthier, many people hoping to lose weight look for quick results through the use of weight ...

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  • Largest Automobile Recall in History
    Largest Automobile Recall in History

    The Takata airbag recall announcement that we’ve blogged about in the past has once again made headlines. This time due to the doubling of the number of vehicles included in the recall by Takata Corp. ...

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  • Tractor Trailer Speed Limiters
    Tractor Trailer Speed Limiters

    Since 2006, various organizations and community leaders have been urging the Department of Transport to mandate the use of Electronic Control Modules (ECM) on tractor trailers on U.S. roadways. These ...

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  • Recalled Crib Mattresses and Power Furniture
    Recalled Crib Mattresses and Power Furniture

    Manufacturers of all consumer goods are required to provide safe products for purchase. Motor vehicles, toys, food, and other items are often times found during production to pose safety concerns, in ...

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