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Lawsuits Against MONAT Shampoo

MONAT is a network marketing company that sells a variety of hair and skin products including shampoo and conditioner that cost between $33.00 and $49.00 per a bottle. Started in October of 2014, MONAT is a young company. Only a few years after its inception, hundreds of consumers across the United States were complaining that MONAT shampoo was causing balding and sores on their scalps to form.

One woman named Jessica told ABC Action News that two months after using MONAT shampoo, her hair started to fall out at an alarming rate. She also said that after using MONAT’s children’s line, most of her daughter’s hair fell out. She showed ABC the clumps of hair that she found in her daughter’s crib.

Adverse Reactions Reported to the FDA

In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received 199 reports of adverse reactions and more than 500 people contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to complain about the products. In one of the class action cases filed against MONAT, the plaintiffs stated that MONAT’s claims that their products are safe and naturally-based is “patently false.”

The lawsuit is accusing MONAT of fraud, deceit, and using strongarm tactics, such as filing lawsuits against critics of their products. The Miami-based company said they filed the lawsuits so they could protect the company from false attacks.

FDA Sends Inspectors to MONAT’s Plant

In March of 2018, the FDA sent inspectors to B & R Products, the manufacturing plant for MONAT in the Miami area. Several months after the inspection of the plant, the FDA released a report that MONAT’s cosmetics were being “prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby it may have been contaminated with filth.” Learn more here.

If you experienced adverse reactions after using MONAT’s hair products, the FDA urges you to contact the agency and take advantage of the MedWatch reporting system. To explore taking legal action against MONAT and filing a claim for compensation, contact Jones & Swanson.