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  • Driving Safely in Storms
    Driving Safely in Storms

    Southernmost parts of the United States were recently devastate by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damages and hundreds of lives lost. Fortunately, the ...

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  • Game Day Traffic Safety Tips
    Game Day Traffic Safety Tips

    The first day of fall is just around the corner, which means bonfires, flannel and football. The state of Georgia, along with the rest of the Southeast, is an area passionate about football of all ...

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  • Back to School Safety
    Back to School Safety

    Cobb County students are scheduled to start back to school on Monday, which means local roadways will be much busier than in recent weeks. With an increased number of automobiles on Cobb County ...

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  • Tractor Trailer No-Zone Areas
    Tractor Trailer No-Zone Areas

    All automobile accidents are scary and many lead to significant injuries and property damage. But tractor trailer crashes may be the most dangerous of all. Because semi tractor-trailer trucks are much ...

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  • Drive Sober, Georgia
    Drive Sober, Georgia

    Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, which means countless vehicles on Georgia roadways as travelers visit friends and relatives to celebrate the holidays. In fact, AAA estimates that ...

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  • Personal Injury Attorney Fees
    Personal Injury Attorney Fees

    One of the most surprising revelations for Georgia personal injury plaintiffs is that there is no up-front fee or payment required. Jones & Swanson, like most personal injury and wrongful death law ...

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