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  • Highway Work Zone Safety Tips
    Highway Work Zone Safety Tips

    For many Georgians, going to work every day doesn’t involve traveling to an office. Many make their living along Georgia roads and highways by working in construction. Roadway work zones are fairly ...

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  • Fitness Trackers Being Used in Lawsuits
    Fitness Trackers Being Used in Lawsuits

    Smartwatches and fitness trackers are becoming a popular trend in today’s society, with devices such as the Fitbit, Apple watch, and Garmin Vivofit leading in popularity. These devices are advertised ...

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  • Personal Injury Attorney Fees
    Personal Injury Attorney Fees

    One of the most surprising revelations for Georgia personal injury plaintiffs is that there is no up-front fee or payment required. Jones & Swanson, like most personal injury and wrongful death law ...

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  • Workplace Fatality Numbers Increasing
    Workplace Fatality Numbers Increasing

    Workplace injuries can be some of the most challenging types of Georgia personal injury claims to be involved in. Many people do not feel completely comfortable requesting their place of employment ...

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  • Ladder Safety Tips
    Ladder Safety Tips

    As summer draws nearer, more and more people will be working on improvement projects around their homes. Many of these projects will require the use of a ladder, so it is important to recognize the ...

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  • Tractor Trailer Speed Limiters
    Tractor Trailer Speed Limiters

    Since 2006, various organizations and community leaders have been urging the Department of Transport to mandate the use of Electronic Control Modules (ECM) on tractor trailers on U.S. roadways. These ...

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