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  • Preventing Drowning Accidents
    Preventing Drowning Accidents

    Now that it’s the summertime, a lot more recreational activities involve swimming pools, water parks, community pools, waterslides, boating, jet skis, and anything else that has to do with water. ...

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  • How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Georgia?
    How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Georgia?

    When it comes to injuring others, there are two types of injuries: intentional injuries and accidental injuries. In the first category, the at-fault party would likely be facing criminal charges for ...

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  • Boating Safety Tips for Summer
    Boating Safety Tips for Summer

    Many Georgians will be taking advantage of the warmer weather in coming weeks, including the use of boats on nearby lakes. As exciting as boats are, they can also be dangerous if the proper safety ...

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  • Personal Injury Attorney Fees
    Personal Injury Attorney Fees

    One of the most surprising revelations for Georgia personal injury plaintiffs is that there is no up-front fee or payment required. Jones & Swanson, like most personal injury and wrongful death law ...

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  • Land & Water Duck Vehicle Safety Concerns
    Land & Water Duck Vehicle Safety Concerns

    If you’ve visited the Stone Mountain Park area, you may have seen of ridden on a “ Ride the Ducks ” land and water vehicle. These amphibious boats are created to resemble the land/water vehicles used ...

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  • Summertime Recalls
    Summertime Recalls

    Two recalls have been announced this summer that may affect your family. The first recall came from Apple and affects the popular Beats Pill XL speaker that many people use daily. The potential hazard ...

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