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  • 4th of July Safety
    4th of July Safety

    Celebrating the Fourth of July is an exciting tradition for many, especially when it’s full of special events with friends and loved ones. Plus, we all love a mid-week vacation day! We wish all our ...

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  • Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia
    Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

    You are likely familiar with Georgia’s homicide laws. Understandably, it’s against the law to take another person’s life. If someone intentionally kills another human being, they will likely face ...

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  • Claims Against Bouncers & Security Guards
    Claims Against Bouncers & Security Guards

    People go to bars and nightclubs to decompress, enjoy their friends’ company and meet new people. But since alcohol is involved, these establishments need to have security guards or bouncers to keep ...

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  • Concussion Risks and Prevention
    Concussion Risks and Prevention

    Football season is officially underway. Our own Atlanta Falcons had their first pre-season game against the Miami Dolphins last week and Georgia high school teams officially start week one of their ...

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  • Preventing Drowning Accidents
    Preventing Drowning Accidents

    Now that it’s the summertime, a lot more recreational activities involve swimming pools, water parks, community pools, waterslides, boating, jet skis, and anything else that has to do with water. ...

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  • Signs of Nursing Home Neglect
    Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

    As our loved ones get older, it may eventually become too unsafe to allow them to live alone. So we are many times faced with a choice: care for them ourselves or seek outside assistance. The most ...

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