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  • Football Season is Back
    Football Season is Back

    Football season has arrived in Georgia! Game days can be exciting for so many varying reasons – from tailgating before a game, going to the event itself, hosting a party or watching a game over some ...

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  • Emergency Vehicle Roadway Safety
    Emergency Vehicle Roadway Safety

    Car accidents are a common part of living in the metro-Atlanta community – from single vehicle crashes to 18-wheeler accidents. One type of common vehicle crashes oftentimes overlooked are those ...

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  • 4th of July Safety
    4th of July Safety

    Celebrating the Fourth of July is an exciting tradition for many, especially when it’s full of special events with friends and loved ones. Plus, we all love a mid-week vacation day! We wish all our ...

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  • Drug-Impaired Driving in Georgia
    Drug-Impaired Driving in Georgia

    Often times when we hear about impaired driving or driving under the influence, we assume it is alcohol-related. However, a report recently conducted by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association ...

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  • Teething Product Dangers
    Teething Product Dangers

    The FDA recently released a warning over a popular numbing ingredient, benzocaine, that is found in many teething products designed for babies and toddlers. Various gels and cream that contain ...

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  • Motorcycle Awareness Month 2018
    Motorcycle Awareness Month 2018

    May is Motorcycle Safety Month and serves as a reminder to us all the importance of safely sharing the road with motorcyclists. With the warm Georgia weather upon us, it’s likely you’ll start seeing ...

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