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Airplanes are viewed by many as a safe method of travel. In fact, statistics show that flying is much safer than driving an automobile. According to 2008 data from the National Safety Council, the odds of death in air transportation were one in 7,178, while the odds of dying in an auto accident were one in 98. So although the dangers associated with flying seem to be more serious than those involved in driving a motor vehicle, the safety precautions in place in air travel make this method of travel much less dangerous. This does not mean, however, that accident involving airplanes do not happen. We are all well aware of the plane crashes that have occurred over the last few years, as they are usually much more notorious than auto accidents.

Earlier this year, a private jet accident occurred near Augusta, Georgia at Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport. The accident occurred at approximately 8:30 P.M. on Wednesday, February 20. The plane was carrying a surgeon and his staff, along with two pilots. Five of the seven on board the plane were killed. After further investigation, it was still unclear as to the exact reason the small plane abandoned its landing. Initial reports stated that the Hawker Beechcraft 390 jet was on course to land, when it simply traveled too far and missed the landing strip. The plane then struck a concrete utility pole, breaking off one wing. After traveling another ¼ of a mile, the jet finally crashed into woods. At this point, a fuel leak from the plane caused it to ignite in flames. In an effort to determine the exact reasoning for the aborted landing, air traffic controllers will be questioned and investigators will attempt to locate a black box, which would provide details as to the cause of the accident.

Although plane crashes do not occur as often as other types of accidents, injuries are usually much more severe in crashes involving air travel, for obvious reasons. Deaths are common in these types of crashes, and often family members are left with large medical or funeral expenses. Law suits can be filed to compensate for medical expenses, loss of wages, or wrongful deaths that occur as a result of Georgia aviation accidents. These types of claims are often extremely complex, though. This is due to the complexity involved in proving fault in a plane crash. The cause of the accident must be discovered prior to proceeding with a claim. The most common claims are those of products liability or human error. In a products liability claim, the manufacturers are at fault for some type of mechanical error. On the other hand, human error can be the cause of an aviation accident when the crew or air traffic controllers are thought to be at fault for the wreck. The first step taken by an experienced Atlanta aviation lawyer is to determine who is at fault for the plane crash. Regardless of whether it is a commercial jet, helicopter, or small privately owned jet, claims may be brought against certain parties at fault for the accident if a serious injury or death is the outcome of a crash.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured or killed in a metro-Atlanta area plane crash, you may have a claim to receive compensation. The first thing you should do to determine whether you have a good case is to contact our top notch Marietta injury attorneys, Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson. We understand the necessary steps to settling or trying an aviation accident claim, and our extensive group of experts will aid in that process. For more information on your rights when involved in a Georgia aviation accident, contact our firm today at (770) 427-5498.

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