Our Case Results

We've Earned Multi-Million Dollar Victories for Our Clients

Every day, our team learns about a new tragedy that has occurred to one of the folks in our Marietta community. It becomes our proud duty to make sure that they are fully compensated now and long into the future. While these results should not be considered typical or indicative of what you could expect in your case, they do show that our firm is not afraid to demand a fair settlement and have it awarded to our clients.
    • Auto Accident in DeKalb County - Car Accident Cases $9,450,000.00

      A man was making deliveries for work with his child in the backseat when they were involved in a car accident. The wreck left his 14 month old child quadriplegic and dependent on a ventilator. Because the man was on duty, his employer was held responsible and compensation went to the upbringing of his child.

    • Premises Liability in Riverdale - Premises Liability Cases $4,200,000.00

      A 32 year old mother and her son stopped at a Wal-Mart late one evening to pick up groceries. On her way back to the car, she was shot in the back by a man who was trying to steal the car with her son inside. Upon investigation, it was found that Wal-Mart failed to increase security after an increase of crimes in the company's parking lot. The jury sided with our client after a seven day trial and her story was featured in the movie "Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Prices" by Brave New Films.

    • Motorcycle Accident in Cobb County - Motorcycle Accident Cases $4,000,000.00

      A 43 year old man's motorcycle collided with an intoxicated woman's car when she pulled out in front of him. He died as a result of the accident, so the jury awarded compensation to his widow and daughter.

    • Wrongful Death in East Point - Wrongful Death $3,900,000.00

      While being arrested for "conspiracy to commit a crime," our client suffered severe head trauma. He experienced confusion, disorientation, stuttering and other symptoms while in police custody, but was given no medical treatment prior to being booked and placed into general population at the jail. After being bailed out of jail, our client was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and massive brain damage. He later died from the failure to treat the injuries to his brain in a timely manner. Mr. Jones' firm represented his family and won compensation for his wrongful death.

    • Trucking Accident in Georgia - Trucking Accident Cases $2,000,000.00

      A tractor trailer driver crossed the center line on a highway and struck and killed a woman, who was traveling in the other direction. Mr. Jones assisted in the representation of her husband and was able to secure a settlement on his behalf.

    • Medical Malpractice in Bibb County - Medical Malpractice Cases $2,000,000.00

      Our client underwent a serious lumbar surgery in which the doctors mis-positioned three of the six screws that they placed into the patient's spine. This negligence left the client severely injured with permanent pain in his back. Less than a week before trial, the defendants paid Mr. Jones' client and his wife to settle the claims.

    • Trucking Accident on Interstate 75 in Cobb County - Trucking Accident Cases $1,000,000.00

      A tractor trailer driver stopped his rig on the Wade Green active on-ramp lane, causing a man to run into the rear of the parked tanker. The impacted caused fatal injuries to our client. Investigations found that the accident was preventable, providing a settlement following mediation.

    • Construction Trip and Fall Accident in Woodstock, Georgia - Premises Liability Cases $750,000.00

      In February of 2013, an elderly woman was walking around sidewalk construction when a piece of temporary fencing was blown out of a worker's hands and struck her. She was left with serious and life-altering injuries, requiring surgeries and an assisted living environment. Attorney Andrew Jones was able to obtain compensation for her to help with medical bills and her suffering.

    • Bartow County Car Wreck - Car Accident Cases $680,000.00

      Our client was traveling on JF Harris parkway in Bartow County when the driver of a vehicle in oncoming traffic failed to yield, proceeding to turn in front of our client’s vehicle. The severe collision left our client with significant injuries including the need for a full knee replacement, high medical bills, and a loss of earning capacity. Mr. Jones was able to obtain a $680,000 settlement for her.

    • T-bone Crash in Cobb County - Car Accident Cases $450,000.00

      In May of 2010, our 74 year old client was involved in a crash in which the driver of another vehicle ran a red light and struck her car on the driver's side. She had to be extracted from the vehicle and experienced serious injuries. Attorney Jones was diligent in his research and determined that the driver that caused the crash had been texting around the same time that the incident occurred. Not only did Mr. Jones settle his client's claim for $450,000, but he also negotiated a Medicare lien reduction for his client.

    • Rear End Automobile Accident in Sandy Springs - Car Accident Cases $435,000.00

      The driver of a tow truck traveling on Peachtree Dunwoody Road failed to stop at a red light and struck another vehicle from behind. The crash left the driver of that vehicle with leg, neck, back and neurological injuries, so she contacted Jones & Swanson for legal representation. Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson worked together to resolve her injury claim for $435,000.

    • Car Accident on Lawrenceville Suwanee Road - Car Accident Cases $350,000.00

      While attempting to make a left turn, a vehicle failed to yield and turned in front of our 48 year old client causing an accident in which her van overturned and skidded on the roadway. Our client incurred thousands of dollars of medical expenses from debilitating injuries as a result of the accident. Our attorneys were able to win appropriate compensation for her injuries.

    • Rear End Collision in Cobb County - Car Accident Cases $325,000.00

      While yielding at a busy intersection, our client was rear-ended by the driver of a large truck. Because of his failure to maintain a proper lookout for other vehicles, our client sustained significant spinal injuries. Though the collision itself was relatively low-impact, the injuries she sustained caused extensive medical care and loss of earning capacity. Fortunately, Attorney Chase Swanson was able to reach a settlement acceptable to our client.

    • Rear-end Crash in Cherokee County - Car Accident Cases $325,000.00

      Mr. Jones' client was traveling on Woodstock Parkway in 2010 when her vehicle was struck from behind. The 44-year-old woman experienced injuries that required multiple surgeries. Because the client had been involved in a separate car wreck three months prior to this crash, opposing council disputed whether the surgeries were a result of the most recent crash. Attorney Jones was able to adequately prove that her injuries were a result of the second crash, ultimately obtaining an appropriate settlement for his client.

    • Car Accident on Roswell Road in Cobb County - Car Accident Cases $315,000.00

      While stopped at the intersection of Robinson Road, a 50 year old woman was struck by another vehicle. That driver was speeding and failed to stop, colliding with the rear of our client's car. She suffered severe and permanent injures.

    • Premises Liability Trip and Fall in Atlanta, Georgia - Premises Liability Cases $210,000.00

      While approaching an escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a woman tripped and fell on the grate of an escalator being repaired by maintenance men. She experienced back, knee, and hip injuries as a result of the fall. Attorney Andrew Jones was able to recover a settlement for her expenses as a result of the trip and fall injury incident.

    • Drunk Driving Car Wreck on Barrett Parkway - Car Accident Cases $200,000.00

      On an early morning in May of 2011, a woman was turning left at a green light onto Barrett Parkway when another vehicle ran a red light and rear-ended her car. Responding officers arrested the driver of the car who ran the red light for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The 44 year old victim experienced significant back, neck, and shoulder injuries and continues to suffer from headaches. Fortunately, Jones & Swanson was able to recover compensation to make these challenges less overwhelming for her.

    • Pedestrian Accident in Kennesaw - Pedestrian Accident Cases $177,500.00

      While walking to her vehicle in the parking lot of Town Center Mall, a 79-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle that was backing out of a parking spot. By using a physician's statement, Attorney Jones was able to settle her claim in an amount satisfactory to the client.

    • Premises Liability Fall While Gardening - Premises Liability Cases $175,000.00

      While cutting grass, our client’s foot fell into a hole which caused him to injure his knee and back severely. The homeowner was aware of the hole and neglected to warn our client of the conditions of the yard. As a result of the fall our client required many months of treatment and physical therapy for his injuries. After vigorously defended litigation, the attorneys at Jones & Swanson were able to resolve the case and obtained a substantial settlement for our client.

    • Auto Accident on Mabry Road in Marietta - Car Accident Cases $135,000.00

      A son and his mother were involved in a car accident when another driver pulled out in front of them as they were making a turn. The woman began experienced immediate back and neck pain, while her son sustained multiple fractures in his arm. Mr. Jones' firm was able to recover compensation for both the mother and her son.

    • Head On Collision in Residential Neighborhood - Car Accident Cases $105,000.00

      While driving through a Kennesaw neighborhood, our 56-year-old client was struck head-on by the driver of another vehicle who admitted to being distracted behind the wheel. Not only were we able to obtain compensation from the defendant’s policy, but made an additional claim against our client’s uninsured motorist coverage, which allowed her to pay her medical bills and concentrate on recovering fully.

    • Automobile Wreck on Interstate 575 - Car Accident Cases $100,000.00

      While traveling on I-575, a 47 year old man was struck by another vehicle that had improperly changed lanes. As a result of the reckless driving, our client hit the median guard rail, spun around in the roadway, and was involved in a second collision with another vehicle. He sustained severe injuries as a result of the accident, but Mr. Jones' firm was able to recover compensation for those injuries.

    • Premises Liability Struck By Car - Premises Liability Cases $86,000.00

      While working, our client observed a vehicle driving recklessly through an apartment complex. While attempting to make contact with the driver, the driver quickly accelerated towards him, striking him on the left leg and causing him to fall to the ground. The Attorneys at Jones & Swanson were able to recover a settlement for his medical treatment and traumatic incident.

    • Car Accident on Cobb Parkway - Car Accident Cases $65,000.00

      A 57 year old Paulding County resident was rear-ended while she was stopped in traffic on the parkway. She suffered from head, neck and back pain following the accident and was eventually diagnosed with an array of spine injuries. The other driver's insurance company would not properly compensate her for the injuries she suffered, so Attorney Chase Swanson negotiated a fair settlement on her behalf.

    • Premises Liability Electrocuted While Installing Cable - Premises Liability Cases $60,000.00

      While preforming a cable installation, our client’s right leg fell into a catch basin which housed a sump pump containing live wires. Due to the exposed wires and faulty maintenance, our client was electrocuted and his injuries required him to be transported via ambulance to the hospital. During litigation, it was discovered that the complex had been notified of the issue before the incident occurred. Due to the apartment complex’s negligence, the attorneys at Jones & Swanson were able to obtain significant compensation for our clients’ injuries.

    • Motorcycle Wreck in Atlanta - Motorcycle Accident Cases $40,000.00

      A 27 year old Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy was riding his motorcycle on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway in Atlanta when another vehicle attempted to make a left turn, failing to yield to our client. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid striking the other vehicle and experienced significant injuries in the collision. We were able to recover appropriate compensation for his injuries.

    • Premises Liability at Lakewood Amphitheater - Premises Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      While attending a concert at Lakewood Amphitheater, our client was assaulted by six boys during a concert. During the assault our client was hit in the face with a glass bottle which caused several fractures in his face. After filling suit and conducting extensive discovery, the Attorneys at Jones & Swanson were able to negotiate a significant confidential settlement.

    • 18 Wheeler Wreck in Cobb County - Trucking Accident Cases Confidential Settlement

      In the summer of 2011, two 18-wheeler trucks were involved in a crash after one driver attempted to change lanes and collided with the rear of the other tractor trailer. Mr. Jones represented the victim in an injury claim against the driver who caused the accident, ultimately obtaining a significant settlement.

    • Motorcycle Accident on Burnt Hickory Road - Motorcycle Accident Cases Confidential Settlement

      Our client was traveling on Burnt Hickory Road on his motorcycle. As he approached his home and began turning into his driveway, a car attempted to pass him on the right, causing a serious collision. Our client sustained many serious injuries and now requires continued treatment. The attorneys at Jones & Swanson evaluated the claim and recover a substantial settlement for his injuries.

    • Premises Liability in Fulton County - Premises Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      A 51 year old man was brutally murdered in his Hilton Hotel room in a crime that shocked the city of Atlanta and made statewide headlines. Due to inadequate security provided by Hilton Hotels, Mr. Jones was able to obtain a substantial confidential settlement for his wife.

    • Seatbelt/Airbag Defect in Gwinnett County - Product Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      While driving a convertible Chrysler LeBaron, a man was struck by an out of control vehicle on Braselton Highway. The man lost his life because both the airbag and seatbelt failed. Mr. Jones was able to negotiate a substantial settlement for the man's family.

    • Seatbelt/Airbag Defects in Atlanta - Product Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      A 39 year old woman was paralyzed after an accident in her Mazda Protégé. Due to a design defect in the restraint system, a settlement was received that would cover her expenses for life.

    • Sport Utility Rollover in Elberton - Car Accident Cases Confidential Settlement

      A mother and her three daughters were traveling in their Ford Expedition when it rolled over, seriously injuring each family member. We sued Ford and obtained settlements for each family member.

    • Product Liability - Product Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      A Honeywell fire alarm installed in a family home failed to properly work and alert a seven year old boy and his father of the fire. The child eventually died of his injuries and Honeywell agreed to pay substantial compensation amount to his family.

    • Tire Failure/Rollover - Product Liability Cases Confidential Settlement

      Mr. Jones has represented the families of several individuals who were killed or injured when their General tire tread separated and their Ford Bronco II rolled over. Evidence was uncovered of the tire company's cover-up of their defective tires and was quoted by national news media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. Significant confidential settlements were awarded to each client. In all, we have successful litigated over 20 cases involving rollovers of Ford Bronco II vehicles.

    • Trucking Accident on I-75 Near Dalton, Georgia - Trucking Accident Cases Confidential Settlement

      Our client and his wife were traveling on I-75 Northbound near Dalton, Georgia when a tractor trailer struck their vehicle. As a result of the accident, he suffered many injuries and the impact caused fatal injuries to his wife. After further investigation, the accident was found preventable and a settlement for the policy limits of the insurances companies’ coverage were retained.

    • Wrongful Death in East Point - Wrongful Death Confidential Settlement

      In August of 2011, a 20-year-old college student tragically lost his life after suffering a severe allergic reaction after eating at the Commons Dining Hall at Kennesaw State University. After extensive discovery and investigation, a confidential settlement was released.