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The metro Atlanta area is known for the vast amount of motor vehicles on the roads throughout the region. New and used cars are purchased daily throughout Marietta and the surrounding cities. Because of the sheer volume of automobiles on Georgia roads, auto accidents often occur in the Atlanta area.

Drivers’ negligence often causes these accidents, but automotive defects and mechanical failures can play a significant role in causing motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta. These preventable product defects in vehicles can cause devastation to families across the state.

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Every day, most products used by consumers are designed safely, constructed correctly, and sufficiently tested to pose no significant risk of danger or harm. However, defective products occasionally make it to the marketplace, often as automobile parts, causing personal injury and possibly wrongful death.

In automobiles, many defects can cause wrecks and serious injuries, including:

Each of these automobile defects, in addition to others, has resulted in devastating injuries to drivers and passengers of vehicles. The automobile defect attorneys at Jones & Swanson have experience representing victims of automobile defect accidents.

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Plaintiffs in Georgia automobile defect cases are usually consumers injured by defective or dangerous parts in a vehicle they purchased. Auto defect cases are complicated, time-consuming, and often require immediate investigations to determine whether a defective airbag, tire, auto part, or other component caused the accident. Potential claimants must contact our top automobile defect attorneys quickly. An immediate investigation may reveal sufficient evidence to support automotive product liability claims against an automaker or parts supplier. It could also expose evidence of inadequate maintenance or repair, which could help allegations of negligence against a dealer, service provider, or repair shop.

Georgia product liability laws require automakers to exercise reasonable care to maximize the “crashworthiness” of cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s that they produce. This “crashworthiness” relates to an automobile’s ability to endure a crash and protect occupants from injury during a collision. This responsibility to design and build crashworthy vehicles arises because it is probable that any given automobile will be involved in some sort of accident that could harm the vehicle’s driver and passengers.

Because a vehicle’s use includes the significant risk of an accident, manufacturers have the legal responsibility to design and make vehicles as safe as sensibly possible. As technology advances, so does the definition of “crashworthiness.” Auto manufacturers cannot lag in advance of technology. If they do, they are exposed to automobile product liability lawsuits claiming they have failed to implement reasonable care in designing and manufacturing a crashworthy car, truck, van, or SUV.

Success in auto defect claims requires knowledge of the process of designing and building vehicles, as well as the structure of the auto industry and specific companies to know where to look for documentation and witnesses. Most cars on the road today contain thousands of parts, and a majority of them are made by suppliers and sold to the car companies for assembly. Hiring Marietta auto defect attorneys that know where to look and who to investigate is essential in gaining the appropriate compensation for your auto defect injuries.

The injury attorneys at Jones & Swanson have extensive experience representing automobile defect clients. As a result, we have access to the most qualified experts and researchers in the country. Throughout the litigation process, our experts can help us offer the best representation possible for our clients.

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Proof of specific defects in vehicles’ manufacture involves defects in design, assembly, and lack of proper warnings. Unfortunately, it often takes many accidents before a car or truck manufacturer orders a recall. Suppose you suspect that your serious injury accident was caused by a defective car or car part. In that case, it is essential to contact our experienced Marietta product liability attorneys as soon as possible. We understand what it takes to prosecute even the most complex injury claims and have experts available to investigate an auto collision and determine whether a car defect caused the accident.

The affordable lawyers at Jones & Swanson take pride in representing each client in a personalized and dedicated manner. All consultations with our attorneys are free of charge. All clients at our firm are represented on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no legal fees unless we recover damages for your defective product claim.

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