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Commercial Accidents

Commercial Accidents

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    Plane, Train, Bus and Other Commercial Transportation Accidents

    When someone is involved in an accident with a commercial transportation vehicle, one of the vehicles was a city bus, school bus, tour bus, commuter train, subway, airplane, trolley, or another vehicle. Many specific regulations are governing these types of vehicles far different from those that regulate regular vehicles. They are larger and heavier, particularly when they are loaded with people or property.


    When there is an impact with a commercial transportation carrier, there is a high risk of injury, with far more damage. Are you looking for a lawyer for personal injury in Marietta? If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Marietta right away. The insurance carriers and other organizations involved with these vehicles will take fast action in an investigation and arrange settlements, which will always seek to minimize their liability and financial losses as much as possible.

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    Injuries Sustained in commercial accidents

    Passengers on trains and buses typically are not required to wear seatbelts. When one of these vehicles collides with another vehicle or some other object, there are almost always injuries, many severe, and some resulting in fatal injuries and death. There can be an accident involving a pedestrian. All the additional weight increases the force exerted by the commercial vehicle. Due to the weight factor, even if seat belts are worn, an impact can be much more dynamic. 


    Some of the more common injuries inflicted include:

    Accident Investigations in Commercial Transportation Cases

    While it is not usual for an insurance representative to arrive immediately at the scene of a car versus car accident, it is very common in an accident involving a bus, train, etc. Businesses or city governments usually control and own these commercial vehicles. As such, they have many resources available to them. An investigation will often involve federal agencies, as these are the regulating authority for commercial carriers. Gathering all of the facts, interviewing victims and witnesses can take place long before the victim has recovered from any injuries.


    Due to the high degree of exposure, the insurance company will work very hard to settle all claims as soon as possible. In their pursuit to settle the claims fast, you may be at risk of not getting compensated fully. Any victim of such an accident should consult an experienced attorney before signing any forms or accepting any money from the company or city or county. 


    Sovereign immunity is a term that means some government agencies are protected in that there is a limit on how much they can pay to people who are injured in an accident. There are some circumstances where immunity is waived, allowing an accident victim to recover a larger settlement. This is crucial, especially when there is a wrongful death or the victim suffered catastrophic injuries.

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    Suppose you or a loved one has been injured due to an accident with any commercial vehicle. In that case, it is imperative to contact our personal injury attorney in Marietta as soon as possible.


    Were you injured in an accident in Marietta? We know how important it is to be compensated justly for pain and suffering when another is at fault. Contact our offices today.


    The more time we have to investigate the circumstances, the better. Dealing with commercial transportation entities requires a thorough understanding of all the applicable regulations, both state and federal, which are different from those that cover auto accidents. Our investigation can uncover those instances where sovereign immunity is waived. You can be barred from filing a claim if you do not notify the other party, such as a government agency, in a timely manner.

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