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Dog Bite or Animal Attack

Dog Bite or Animal Attack

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    If you’ve ever been attacked or bitten by a dog, it was most likely when you least expected it. You may have been walking in your yard or neighborhood when an ordinarily friendly dog attacked. Perhaps you went to pet “man’s best friend” in a local park when it lunged. Whether you expect to be attacked or not, the injuries associated with animal attacks can change a person’s life.


    According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. This study also found that 334,000 people are admitted annually to emergency rooms due to dog bite-related injuries. Your chances of being bitten by a dog are one in 50. “Man’s best friend” can be an excellent companion, but also have the potential to cause devastating injuries to friends, neighbors, and even owners.


    Unfortunately, children are most often the victims of animal bites.

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    What To Do In The Event of
    An Animal/Dog Bite

    Georgia animal bite victims can help protect their rights by taking immediate action.

    • Seek medical attention right away, no matter how insignificant the bite may seem.
    • Obtain the animal’s owner’s name and address and file a report with your local animal control office or other law enforcement agency.
    • If you know anyone who may have witnessed the incident, be sure to obtain their contact information.
    • Take photographs of your injuries immediately following the incident and in the following days as the wounds begin to heal.

    The laws involving animal bites are often complicated, so it is crucial for animal bite victims to contact the experienced Marietta dog bite lawyers at Jones & Swanson.

    Tips for preventing
    a dog bite

    You should never attempt to pet a dog without letting it become familiar with your scent first. This can be done by allowing it to sniff the back of your hand. One should also be wary of dogs tethered or tied up, as this could be a sign of vicious propensities.


    If a dog attacks you, do not run. It is natural for dogs to chase things that are running. Simply remain immobile with your arms to your sides if a dog advances. If a K-9 knocks you over, roll into a ball and stay still.


    These safety tips are in addition to the obvious ones, such as not interrupting a K-9 that is eating, sleeping, or near its puppies. Children should be taught dog etiquette at a young age, as most dog bite victims are young kids.


    If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite, contact our firm now.

    Top canine breeds
    involved in attacks

    A nation-wide study reported the canine breeds most responsible for serious injury and death as:

    1. Pit Bull Terrier
    2. Rottweiler
    3. Husky
    4. Wolf hybrid
    5. Bullmastiff
    6. German shepherd
    7. German shepherd-mix
    8. Chow
    9. Pit bull-mix
    10. Doberman
    11. Labradors

    However, just because a dog is not on this list does not mean it cannot attack and inflict significant injuries. For this reason, it is essential to know what to do in the event a dog or other animal attacks you or a loved one.

    How Our Trusted Marietta Dog Bite Lawyers Will Help

    Need an attorney for a dog bite case in Marietta? The premises liability lawyers at Jones & Swanson have over 40 years of experience in injury-related matters. They have a keen understanding of Georgia laws regarding the liability placed on owners of animals who attack people. Under Georgia’s dog bite statute, a dog owner’s liability may be shown under several different scenarios.

    In most cases, dog owners will be liable for an attack where they knew of the animal’s propensity for attacking humans, or where the owner is found to violate specific local ordinances like “leash laws.” Proving liability for dog or animal bites in Georgia can be a complicated matter and should not be taken lightly. The legal advocates at this Marietta dog bite law firm have the experience you need to successfully pursue a claim for injuries due to an animal bite.

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    If a dog or animal bites you or someone you know, you may have a claim against the dog’s owner for your injuries. Cobb County victims of animal bites may be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, physical pain and suffering, mental suffering, and physical impairment. The attorneys at our firm will fight for the compensation that you deserve. At Jones & Swanson, we represent dog and animal bite victims throughout the Atlanta area and the state of Georgia.

    Are you looking for a Marietta dog bite lawyer for an injury? If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog or animal bite, contact the experienced Marietta dog bite attorneys at our firm today by calling (770) 427-5498.



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