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A premises liability claim involves injuries to a person while on someone else’s property. Like many areas of personal injury litigation, premises liability cases are not always the easiest to understand. When one hears about a premises liability case, they commonly think of slip and fall accidents. A lesser-known part of the premises liability area of law is negligent security or inadequate safety on a property. It involves landowners being held responsible for injuries to plaintiffs caused by the reckless or intentional criminal conduct of a third party.

Georgia property owners are obligated to maintain safe premises in order to protect citizens from dangerous situations. Both public, and to an extent, private property owners must maintain a safe environment for people that are legally on their property. Most public premises have safety codes and regulations that ensure citizens are not exposed to injury, harm or risk. If an injury is sustained or death caused as a result of inadequate security, property owners can be held liable for those injuries.


Inadequate security incidents can occur anywhere – retail stores, hotels, parking lots, amusement parks, airports, malls or restaurants. There are a variety of circumstances that endanger citizens due to a lack of safety.

Negligent security claims may include:

  • forced entry
  • rape attacks
  • criminal attacks
  • fall accidents
  • robbery
  • assault and battery
  • firearm injuries
  • abduction
  • attacks in elevators and stairwells
  • inadequate ATM security


In order for Georgia negligent security lawyers to establish liability, it must be proven that property owners failed to provide adequate protection to those on their property. Especially in high crime areas, property owners should take precautions to ensure safety for everyone involved. Typically, Marietta negligent security cases claim that property owners failed to follow one or more of the following safety procedures that would have prevented the criminal from injuring those parties involved:

  • Adequate lighting for security
  • Providing security guards or adequate security patrols
  • Adequate and fully-functioning gates, doors, fences, or locks
  • Numerous, well-placed video monitoring equipment or surveillance cameras
  • Working alarm systems
  • Responding quickly to a security alert
  • Adequately warning others of potential for danger
  • Making repairs (to locks, window screens, etc) in a timely manner

Property owners should be aware of possible crimes on their property and do everything in their power to prevent them. Something as insignificant as landlords not repairing a lock when tenants report it can result in a break in that those property owners could be held responsible for.


Negligent security liability is one of the more unpredictable areas of law in the state of Georgia. There are many competing state policy considerations that courts and injuries are faced with, so they have difficulty determining the degree of liability that should be assigned in particular situations. Because of these inadequacies, Georgia negligent security cases are very fact-specific so it is important to retain an experienced injury attorney that understands the various factors that may affect the outcome in pursuing a negligent security claim.

Georgia premises liability claims require negligence to be proven, which is not always simple. It often requires an experienced premises liability lawyer proving that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazardous condition that led to an injury and did nothing to prevent it. Kennesaw property liability attorneys must also prove that injured parties had no way of noticing the condition that led to the accident. Without an investigation, it is not always clear if victims of dangerous crime have negligent security cases or not. These cases require an experienced injury lawyer to establish the facts of the case needed to prove the liability to courts and juries. Negligent security cases range in value, each considering pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages that resulted from the dangerous crime. Because settlements and verdicts involving negligent security can be large, it is not likely that adjusters will pay the fair value of a claim to someone that is not represented by the best Marietta negligent security attorneys.


The accomplished negligent security lawyers at Jones & Swanson have experience representing clients of insufficient security throughout the state of Georgia. In one successful verdict, our client was shot in a Wal-Mart parking lot by someone attempting to steal her car with her son inside.

She was awarded $4,200,000 in compensation with the help of Woodstock negligent security attorney Andrew Jones. Jones & Swanson also represented the family of a man that was murdered in his Hilton Hotel room. Due to the inadequate security provided by the hotel, a substantial confidential settlement was attained for his family.

Other successful verdicts include being awarded $400,000 against the Fulton County Zoo due to uneven pavement that zoo employees were aware of. As well as being awarded $1,800,000 against Smith Ironworks, Inc. after allowing exposed power cables in an office building, which resulted in an innocent man’s death.

Victims who experience traumatic injuries or are killed as a result of insufficient security on a premise deserve to be represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Areas of compensation as a result of a negligent security claim can include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, physical pain and suffering, mental suffering and physical impairment. If the injuries as a result of an inadequate safety claim are catastrophic, you may be able to proceed with a wrongful death claim on behalf of your loved one.


When someone is hurt on another’s premises, negligence must be proven. In Georgia, proving liability is not always easy. Implementing the aid of the top injury attorneys at Jones & Swanson is detrimental to your negligent security claim. The affordable premises liability legal team at our firm take pride in representing each and every client in a personalized and dedicated manner.

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