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Attorney Chase Swanson: Watching My Brother Dansby and the Atlanta Braves Win the World Series

For the first time since 1995, the Atlanta Braves have won the World Series. It’s been a long 26-years since the title last belonged to Atlanta, but for the Jones & Swanson family it was worth the wait – because it hits closer to home than ever before.

Our very own Attorney Chase Swanson was able to be part of the World Series Playoffs in support of his younger brother, Marietta-native Dansby Swanson, who plays Shortstop for the Braves. The Braves won the series 4-2 in Houston on Tuesday night, following three games at home right down the road in Cobb County at Truist Park.

Once Chase arrived home from his travels to Houston for game 6, we were able to sit down with him to discuss his experience watching the team he’s been a lifelong fan of (and that his brother Dansby now plays for) win the World Series.

Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Have you always been a Braves fan and did you watch the last time the Braves won the World Series?

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I got really into the Hawks and Falcons, but I have ALWAYS been a Braves fan. Our TV was on TBS watching the Braves most every night when I was a kid. We were at the ball field a lot anyways, but watching the Braves was one of the ways my dad taught me the game.

It’s funny – I don’t have specific memories about watching the ’95 Braves win the World Series, but two of my best friends were reminding me while we watched Game 5 at Truist Park just a few days ago how we as kids rotated around to each other’s houses to watch each game of the ’95 Series. I’ve never been very good at remembering individual games, as a spectator or a player. I guess in some ways that’s a good thing, but I’ve always hated not being able to reminisce with friends and family about stuff like that.

Q: What was the experience like being at the World Series versus watching it when you were younger?

I didn’t get to see the ’95 World Series in person, but this year I made it to every game, both in Atlanta and Houston. Not that he needed it, but it was important to me that Dansby know I was there and supporting him.

For the first two games in Houston, I was able to take Tucker, my older son, with me to watch the games. Creating that memory and enjoying that trip with him was something I’ll never forget. Hopefully, even though he’s only four, it’ll be something he remembers and cherishes as much as I did.

Then, back in Atlanta, Whitney and I had the time of our lives watching Games 3, 4, and 5. The energy at Truist Park was absolutely incredible! So much better than in Houston. You could tell, the fans in Atlanta weren’t just there to cheer on their team. They wanted, they needed this win! I can’t even imagine what The Battery would have been like if the Braves were able to get the final win at home.

And finally, a HUGE thank you to Whitney who stayed home with our boys so I could go back to Houston for Game 6 where obviously we finally won the Championship! It was so great seeing the superfans that traveled all that way to root for the Bravos, but for me I’ll particularly remember the camaraderie of all the players’ families. We all feel it when one player isn’t having his best day, and we’re all elated when someone else’s son or brother has a great day. That feeling just gets exponentially magnified when the team can achieve something as great as a World Series Championship.

Q: How did you feel after game 5 when you knew going back to Houston and getting a win away from home had to happen to win it all?

In a word, tiring. Having done the travel, been to all the games, stayed up WAY past my bedtime, I was pretty exhausted getting ready to go back to Houston. One thing I honestly did not feel though was doubt. This team is just too inspiring to leave room for doubt. Instead, the win felt more inevitable than anything.

Q: If someone told you years ago when you and your brother were in little league that you would be watching him win the World Series, what would your response have been?

Dansby and I are 9 years apart, so we were never in little league together. I was already a teenager playing competitive travel ball and getting ready to go to play college ball when he was just starting. The experience I had growing up around baseball led me to observe two things. 

First, Dansby was always insanely talented. He wasn’t a late bloomer. He didn’t wait to figure it out until high school. He didn’t have the awkward stage where you run funny because you grew too fast or anything like that. I can still remember him throwing batting practice to himself by tossing a ball off the pitchback with one hand while holding his bat over his shoulder with the other, then hitting the ball as it flew back at him. Then there was the 17-year old me throwing pop-ups as high as I could throw them to 8-year old Dansby and watching him catch them with no problem, then tossing it back while saying “Higher!” 

Second, Dansby is and always has been supremely confident and competitive. He’s one of those weird people whose brain doesn’t allow doubt to creep in. There’s no tricks suppressing those emotions – he just believes he can do whatever it is, every time. And I’m pretty sure he loves to win, but I know without a doubt he HATES to lose.

Given our age difference, I had enough experience to know before Dansby was even 10-years old that he would probably do some incredible things in baseball. But win a World Series?? Come on, even that one is just hard to fathom, which made November 2, 2021 that much sweeter!

Q: How did it feel watching Dansby play and win in the World Series?

This will be the question I have the shortest response to because I’m still not really sure. All I can say is that I enjoyed every minute of it.

It was so wonderful to share that experience with my wife, with my kids, with my parents, with my sister and brother-in-law, and with my two best friends. I appreciate how tough playing professional sports is, especially the grind that is Major League Baseball, so I was just ecstatic for Dansby that he got to experience the pinnacle of his sport and bring back a Championship to Atlanta!

Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves and our own Marietta-native, Dansby Swanson. Go Braves!

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