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Common Dog Bite Injuries

Most of our prior clients and readers that keep up with Jones & Swanson know that we specialize in representing automobile accident victims. Because these types of injury-causing accidents are some of the most common of the instances in which Georgians are injured, many may be under the impression that we only handle car wreck cases. In reality, Jones & Swanson actively represents Georgians in numerous types of injury claims. In addition to car crash legal claims, we have experience representing clients in trip and fall or slip and fall cases, premises liability claims in which they were wrongly injured on another person’s property, and animal bite accidents.

Something that many of our readers may find surprising is the vast number of animal and dog bite claims that our law firm takes on. Animal bites are often extremely serious for the victims, as the claws, teeth, and sheer power that a dog has against a human can be life-altering for Marietta citizens.

The physical injuries which commonly result from a dog attack include:

  • punctures
  • scratches
  • cuts
  • damage to nerves
  • bones being damaged
  • loss of tissue
  • sprains
  • infections
  • scarring

Like in auto accident injury claims, injuries and other medical issues that arise from an incident must be brought to the at-fault party’s attention. In addition to the injuries and medical bills, it is important to prove that the animal attack had a significant impact on the victim. Following a horrific dog bite incident, victims may be physiologically scarred, miss work due to injuries, and have to alter their lives in a way that otherwise would not have happened. An experienced Marietta dog bite attorney will bring these items to the attention of at-fault parties and their legal teams.

In the state of Georgia, it must be proven that the person in control of the animal violated a local ordinance and carelessly managed the animal, allowing it to attack another person. This could include letting a dog off the leash, tying a dog to a tree with material that extends to the sidewalk or curb, or allowing an incompetent caretaker to take the dog. For instance, allowing a five-year-old to take a dog for a walk by themselves is irresponsible and negligent.

Marietta Dog Bite Lawyers Ready to Pursue Justice for You

Our Marietta dog bite accident attorneys have experience in each of these areas of representation. We have helped both young and elderly Georgians that have been attacked by dogs and other animals that left them with injuries. Because Georgia laws are somewhat complicated and the area of Georgia dog bite law can be confusing, it is important to consult with an injury law firm as soon as possible following an attack. For more information on dog bites, visit our website or call a Marietta dog bite lawyer at (770) 427-5498.

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