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Dangers of Commercial Vehicle Crashes

All automobile accidents pose the threat of serious injuries or even death in some cases. This is common knowledge for all that travel and operates automobiles, as thousands of pounds of metal have the potential for danger, regardless of the safety features installed. No amount of technology or safety features has the ability to guarantee one’s safety while traveling in an automobile.

Fortunately, many automobile crashes do not result in injuries or deaths. The more significant crashes, such as those that involve commercial vehicles, tend to result in a higher number of injuries than those crashes involving only smaller passenger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. The reason for the higher danger level when commercial vehicles, such as big rigs and 18 wheelers, are involved can be attributed to the sheer size and weight difference in tractor trailers and passenger vehicles. Because 18 wheelers weigh so much, they are unable to stop as quickly as smaller, lighter vehicles. In the event of a collision between a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle, those in the smaller automobile are typically injured more severely than those in the large commercial vehicle.

Just last month, two people lost their lives in a Cobb County automobile crash that occurred on I-75. One of the victims was a male from Marietta, while the other was a woman from Peachtree City. They were in a multiple vehicle crash that began when a tractor trailer rear-ended a vehicle. Traffic was slowing because of construction ahead. Unfortunately, the big rig was unable to stop the vehicle in time to avoid the collision.

In crashes such as these that are caused by the fault of a commercial vehicle driver, those in other vehicles that are injured may be able to bring a personal injury law suit against the driver or company employing the driver. Although it is unclear as to whether this Georgia tractor trailer crash resulted in a legal claim, others often yield monetary compensation for those injured and for family members that lost loved ones in a crash due to another’s negligence. If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile-18 wheeler crash, you should contact a tractor trailer crash lawyer as soon as possible to determine what your rights are. For more information, contact Jones & Swanson at (770) 427-5498 or online at

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