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Dangers of Golf Carts and ATVs

Golf carts are becoming increasingly more popular and are expanding from golf courses to communities, businesses, schools, airports, and the like. Some Georgians even use golf carts to travel on public roads for short distances. What many do not realize is that golf carts pose significant danger to drivers and riders when proper precaution is not used.

Golf cart manufacturers are not regulated to the same extent that motor vehicle manufacturers are. This allows for a large variation in the design quality and construction of the vehicles. Due to their frames being lightweight and tires small in size, many golf carts may be hazardously unstable. Tipping over in a golf cart should be a serious concern of all operators. Unfortunately, in the event of a golf cart accident, the vehicles usually do not contain safety features found standard in other motor vehicles.

In addition to the existing dangers of standard golf carts, many companies have begun creating utility vehicles similar to golf carts, which have significant design faults. Manufacturers of hunting and recreational means of transportation are now attempting to quiet carts, as well as transform them into off-road transportation. These “Improvements” also often include creating a higher center of gravity, larger tires, and higher speed maximums. These additions oftentimes increase the chance of rollover in a golf cart, in which case little protection is offered. Many of these types of vehicles have been recalled due to safety concerns, such as the Bad Boy Buggy.

Even carts with safety features such as seat belts, safety nets, and roll bars have the potential to cause significant injuries to drivers and passengers. For this reason, it is important to always abide by safety instructions provided and posted on all types of recreational vehicles. Speed should be reduced when driving, defensive driving should be implemented, and be smart with your decisions. Just because the vehicle is marketed as being capable to do “anything” does not necessarily mean you should push the limits of safety. Your first line of protection in any vehicle is the level of safety precautions that you take yourself.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a Georgia ATV or golf cart wreck due to the vehicle’s inadequate safety features or design flaws, contact our firm today for information on what you should do next. Fault may be difficult to prove in a claim against golf cart manufacturing companies, but we are happy to assist in any way possible. Free consultations are available online at our website or via telephone at (770) 427-5498.

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