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Football Season is Back

Football season has arrived in Georgia! Game days can be exciting for so many varying reasons – from tailgating before a game, going to the event itself, hosting a party or watching a game over some drinks and food at a local place. As enjoyable as football season can be, it can also lead to unsafe situations. Alcohol consumption is common at these events, and anytime that’s the case an increase in drunk-driving can follow. Studies reveal this increase around football season each year.

Because football games and events last for several hours, it provides plenty of time to get caught up in the game and consume alcohol. While it can be fun to socialize and cheer on your favorite team, it’s important to do so responsibly. Below are a few tips to keep in mind this season to help keep you and others safe on the roadways.

Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to a game or somewhere to watch, plan to have a designated driver before consuming alcohol. Tailgating, for instance, happens with larger groups. Organize transportation with others ahead of time so you can enjoy the game with a plan of getting home safely beforehand.

Utilize driving services. Whether it’s Marta, Uber, Lyft or a cab, it’s always safer to take advantage of public transportation if you’re unable to drive. Driving after consuming any amount of alcohol increases your risk of accidents, so make use of these easily available transportation services throughout the Atlanta area.

Avoid traffic. It can be a good idea to leave a bit early from a game or party to avoid heavy traffic, because you’re also facing less risk of sharing the roads with drivers who have consumed alcohol. Beating the post-game rush can be the difference in avoiding heavy traffic, and even decreasing the risk of encountering a drunk-driver.

Drive in the far-right lane. Many drunk-driving accidents happen when impaired drivers drift in and out of lanes, or into oncoming traffic. In an effort to reduce the risk of being sideswiped or involved in a head-on-collision, driving in the far right lane can help avoid encountering a drunk-driver head-on even if they drift.

The Fall season is a beautiful time of year in Georgia, and football is a game that brings many people together. Drink responsibly on game day and help keep the roadways safe for yourself and others. If you are someone you know has been involved in an accident caused by a drunk-driver, please contact Jones & Swanson at 770-427-5498 for a free case evaluation to discuss your needs for care and recovery.

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