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How Does The Insurance Claims Process Work?

If you are in an auto accident, the process of insurance claims is fairly uniform. There are three key steps and it is essential that you have experience on your side to ensure that you recover the fair and deserved compensation. The injury attorneys at Jones & Swanson can walk you through the insurance claims process, protecting you every step of the way.

The three main steps in car insurance claims are:

  1. Submitting the Claim
  2. Investigating the Claim
  3. Issuing Payment

Before you submit the claim, you need to notify the parties responsible for the accident that you have been injured and are planning on filing a claim. You should not surprise them by just filing without any notification. Once you inform them of your intent, you should be thorough in your own investigation and gather as much evidence as possible to help your claim. Evidence should include any proof that you have of fault, the worth of your claim, your arguments, etc. This is when you would write your formal letter and submit your claim to the insurance company. The insurance claims adjuster may conduct their own investigations of the accident.

At that point, you may undergo informal negotiations and attempt to agree on a settlement. Generally, your attorney is able to reach the desired settlement without going to court. There may be times; however, that you find an unreasonable claims adjuster and your injury lawyer can fight on your behalf in the courtroom. It is advised that you team up with an injury firm who can handle the insurance claims process for you. This will ensure that the appropriate procedures are completed and you can reach the maximum possible compensation following your accident.

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