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Important Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

Most of us do not realize what aspects are involved in a Georgia personal injury case. Typically, there are a few basic things that must be gathered in an effort to help in proving negligence and worth of a personal injury or wrongful death case.

Items important to the health of your claim may include evidence, proof, damages, liability, and witnesses. The latter component, witnesses, can be a crucial past of supporting your claim if testimony is required.

There are two types of witnesses that are often used in personal injury claims. The first is the most obvious: individuals who saw the accident or negligence occur first-hand. Obtaining a statement from the incident witnesses must happen as quickly as possible following an accident so that they do not forget what they saw. Facts can be remembered differently as time progresses. If possible, gather all witness contact information at the scene of the accident to assist your lawyer in gathering the necessary testimonies. Other witnesses may include lay witnesses, such as friends and family members who saw first-hand how injuries caused by the accident affect your daily life. This can help to prove the worth of your injury claim.

The second type of witness used to build a solid case is that of expert witnesses. Especially in the event of a trial, expert witnesses are imperative because they can explain complex issues simply to jurors and others involved. Certain issues are only allowed to be brought before a jury if an expert witness is present to testify about that topic.

Regardless of the type of witness to your accident, statements from these individuals can be a huge aspect of personal injury claims. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney ensures that you do not miss important details, such as these. For a free consultation or information about Georgia injury claims, call (770) 427-5498 today.

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