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Numerous Crashes throughout Georgia Last Weekend

At Jones & Swanson, our attorneys represent victims of automobile accidents that occur within Georgia often. For this reason, we feel that it is important to provide readers with safety information regarding driving on metro-Atlanta highways. Unfortunately, automobile crashes will always be an unfortunate part of daily news throughout the state of Georgia.

Just last weekend, many lost their lives in crashes that occurred in the metro-Atlanta area. The first crash that caused catastrophic injuries occurred Friday, September 20, in northwest Georgia and involved a Paulding County resident. Later that night, a motorcycle crash took another man’s life when he lost control and wrecked in Marietta on Cobb Parkway, near Southern Polytechnic State University. A separate crash occurred around the same time in at the exit from Interstate 20 to GA 92 in Douglasville. This wreck involved a SUV that rolled over with multiple children within. Around midnight on Friday, a five-vehicle crash occurred on Interstate 285 near Camp Creek Parkway. The incident involved two cars and three motorcycles. One of the cars was parked behind the other, which was having trouble starting the vehicle. Both had their emergency flashers on, but the three motorcycles struck the vehicles from behind and caused a devastating automobile crash. The trouble didn’t end there, however. At approximately 12:15 Saturday morning, a bicyclist was struck from behind and killed while riding on GA 6 in Paulding County. At approximately 1:30 in the morning on Saturday, another motorcycle crash was reported in which the driver and a passenger were ejected from the bike after clipping a wall, causing the passenger to lose her life. Two other separate SUV rollover crashes occurred later Saturday morning, each causing one death. Finally, a Dallas teenager was left with catastrophic injuries after being involved in a single-vehicle crash on I-75 in Whitfield County. The death toll from this string of automobile crashes is high, so the attorneys and staff members at Jones & Swanson send our condolences to the family members of those involved in the many automobile crashes.

Not all automobile wrecks can be avoided, and some are not caused by the drivers who experience the most significant injuries. Regardless of who is at fault, it is imperative that those injured in auto accidents seek medical treatment immediately following a crash. Injuries may not seem serious at first, which causes many Georgians to delay visiting an emergency room or physician. Unfortunately, we often hear from Georgians who thought their injuries were minor at first, but that experienced more pain a few days after the crash that stemmed from not seeking medical attention for minor aches and pains right away. You don’t necessarily have to visit the E.R. after a crash, but visiting your general physical soon after is a more affordable and quicker way to make sure nothing is wrong.

In the event that you are injured in a crash due to another driver’s negligence, it is important that your medical problems are well documented by doctors as soon after an accident as possible. Waiting to see a doctor or not following orders provided by a doctor can be devastating in a personal injury claim. The amount of money recovered for you to help with medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering can decrease drastically if you do not seek the appropriate medical treatment.

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