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Personal Injury Attorney Fees

One of the most surprising revelations for Georgia personal injury plaintiffs is that there is no up-front fee or payment required. Jones & Swanson, like most personal injury and wrongful death law firms, handles legal claims on a contingent fee basis. So what does this mean for you?

A contingency fee is a portion of the overall recovery obtained for you by your attorney. Typically, this will be a percentage agreed upon when you first hire a law firm for representation, as well as reimbursement of fees incurred by the attorney within the scope of your claim. These can include postage, travel, or expert witness fees. In the unlikely event that no recovery is made in your case, you do not owe our attorneys a cent.

So what are the advantages of contingency fee payment arrangements?

  1. You know that your attorney will work hard to resolve your case as fairly as possible. Because the attorney’s pay directly correlates to the recovery made for the client, personal injury attorneys have a higher stake in legal claims than many other types of attorneys. The attorneys at Jones & Swanson are highly motivated to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every case, both for our clients’ interests and our own.
  2. Attorneys will not take cases that lack substantial quality. Injury attorneys who have years of experience representing plaintiffs will not waste resources on a legal claim that does not merit that time and energy. So, you can rest assured that if we choose to take on your case, it is because we feel optimistic about the potential outcome.
  3. Georgians with modest financial resources are able to fight for their rights against large corporations and insurance companies, despite a possible lack of funds. Many injured auto accident victims are not able to pay hundreds of dollars per hour to a legal team for representation, so contingent fee contracts allow for high-quality representation for even modest wallets.
  4. Contingent fee attorneys are willing to advance litigation expenses such as filing fees, court reporters, and exhibit preparations. This allows for escalation to trial in claims where our attorneys and clients agree litigation is the best option. Because these costs are typically very high, this makes it possible for clients who would otherwise not be able to afford those costs to gain fair representation.

While contingency fee payment methods are not universal for Georgia attorneys, the personal injury lawyers at Jones & Swanson work on these types of fee structures to better serve our clients. If you believe you have a legal claim, do not let financial worries stand in the way of seeking the best legal help possible. Call (770) 427-5498 today for a free consultation.

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