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Tips to Avoid Pedestrian-Automobile Crashes

Automobile wrecks involving pedestrians along Georgia roadways are often much more dangerous than those involving multiple vehicles. Because these pedestrians have no protection against these moving vehicles, injuries sustained by pedestrians are usually severe. Sometimes these accidents are the fault of vehicle drivers, such as in the Emily Bowman hit and run in February of this year. Others simply cannot be avoided by drivers.

Unfortunately, one such event occurred yesterday in Walton County. While on his way to school, a 16-year-old Monroe Area High School student’s skateboard rolled away from him into busy morning traffic. When he attempted to retrieve the skateboard, he was struck by multiple automobiles. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the accident occurred in the 1200 block of Broad Street in Monroe. One vehicle stopped after the boy was struck, while the other two vehicles fled the scene. The driver of the vehicle that remained at the scene after the collision will not be charged, but those others involved may face hit and run charges. Although it seems intimidating to stop after striking a pedestrian on the roadway, it is against the law not to. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this Monroe Area High School student.

Tragedies such as these show just how devastating a Georgia pedestrian wreck can be. It is important for vehicle operators to exercise extreme caution when approaching people on the sides of roads. Slow your vehicle and give them plenty of space in case they decide to enter the roadway at the last moment. It is equally important for pedestrians to exercise caution when traveling near Georgia roadways. It is never a good idea to take chances when automobiles are involved. Pedestrians should never walk into roadways without checking for traffic multiple times. If a vehicle is in sight, no matter how far away it may seem, you should not attempt to walk on or cross the road. Even in the event of an emergency, it is important to check for vehicles before stepping into the lane of traffic. May pedestrians throughout Marietta seem to believe it is the responsibility of automobile drivers to stop for them, regardless of the situation. This is simply untrue and a dangerous assumption. It is not always possible for drivers to stop in time and many times drivers may not be paying full attention to the road. If they are distracted, drivers will not be prepared for unexpected pedestrians in the roadway.

At Jones & Swanson, we know that crashes involving pedestrians are a very real danger in Marietta. It is not unusual to see people walking in roadways or crossing busy intersections and highways illegally. We hope to educate our Cobb County community so that there will be fewer pedestrian accidents in the future.

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