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What is Considered a Wrongful Death Claim?

The unexpected death of a loved one is hard for anyone, and can change many lives forever. As much as we at Jones & Swanson wish we could alleviate your emotional pain, there’s no one who can truly do that. We send our condolences to every person who has lost a loved one in an unexpected accident, whether it is a car wreck, medical mistake, or other act of negligence.

This topic is heavy on our minds today because of the untimely death of a young person in the metro-Atlanta community this week. A 21 year old motorcyclist lost his life Thursday after fighting serious injuries for over a week after a car turned in front of him in Gwinnett County last week, just past Johns Creek. This comes after another cyclist passed away in Cobb County in August after a minivan turned in front of him on Pawnee Drive. Accidents such as these remind us not to take advantage of the presence of our loved ones in our lives. In an instant, everything can change and no one can truly take away the emotional remorse you feel after losing that loved one. We send our sympathies out to the families of these Georgians that lost their lives.

Many people contact our office asking what constitutes a wrongful death claim in the state of Georgia. Georgia state laws allow relatives of loved ones that lost their lives due to the wrongful acts of others to file a lawsuit against those parties. The goal of these claims is to recover damages for financial loss and emotional grief. Wrongful acts considered under potential claims include acts that are negligent, careless, reckless, or intentionally violent. These acts can range from careless driving to a deliberate murder. Many times the outcomes of wrongful deaths include not only the loss of a loved one, but the loss of financial and emotional support from that person as well. These are the types of damages that a personal injury attorney will bring against the defendant in a wrongful death claim.

Searching for a lawyer for wrongful death in Marietta? At Jones & Swanson, we understand that the last thing on a family member’s mind after losing a loved one is filing a lawsuit. The most important thing for one to do is to attempt to honor and mourn your loved one. This process is different for everyone, but is necessary in order to continue on in a healthy manner. After the mourning process, family members often have contradicting feelings about making a monetary claim for the demise of their loved one. This decision is entirely yours to make. No amount of money can bring your loved one back, but a wrongful death claim is the way that civil law identifies the value of the decedent’s life, compensate for their demise, and reprimand the party at fault. If the decedent’s loved ones suffer due to overwhelming medical bills, lack of income from the lost loved one, emotionally or otherwise, a wrongful death claim may be the only method of getting your life back. If you or someone you know have questions about Georgia wrongful death claims, don’t hesitate to contact our office at (770) 427-5498. We sympathize for your loss and will attempt to help in any way possible.

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