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What to do if Struck by an Automobile While Bicycling

Road biking is a popular sport throughout the state of Georgia. Not only do Georgians ride bikes as a type of workout, but many use bicycles as transportation as well. Unfortunately, biking along roadways oftentimes leads to serious automobile-bicycle collisions.

Similar to crashes involving pedestrians walking or running being struck by vehicles, bicycle crashes involving automobiles are very serious. Passengers in automobiles, no matter how small, have some form of protection around them that cyclists do not. Other than padding and helmets, bicycle riders lack any form of physical protection from collisions.

Just this week, a man lost his life while riding his bicycle in Powder Springs. The Marietta man attempted to cross two lanes of traffic on Monday night, but was unsuccessful and two vehicles struck him. The crash occurred on Powder Springs Street. The man was not wearing reflective gear and did not have protective lighting on his bicycle, so the drivers of the automobiles likely did not see him in time to stop. This crash and many others like it are very upsetting and tragic. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

For a list of safety tips to be aware of when cycling, check out our blog post on Georgia Bicycle Accidents from May.

The attorneys at Jones & Swanson, Andrew and Chase, have represented many victims of Georgia crashes involving bicycles and motor vehicles throughout the years. Sometimes the bicyclist is found to be at fault for the crash, which is unfortunate. In the instances when a responding police officer finds that the automobile driver is at fault, the cyclist may be entitled to monetary compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and other expenses. So if a driver was found to be traveling above the speed limit or to have broken a law that caused the crash, you should contact an attorney that understands Georgia bicycle laws. For more information about your rights or a free consultation, contact our firm at (770) 427-5498 or online at

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