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What You Should Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

After an injury or accident caused due to no fault of your own, you are likely wondering how you will obtain the compensation you are entitled to. During this time, it is natural for you to seek a Marietta personal injury lawyer you can rely on to aggressively advocate on your behalf, delivering you the most beneficial results possible–regardless of whether or not you settle in or out of court. While we at Jones & Swanson are unwaveringly confident in our ability to protect your best interests as well as offer you personalized strategies to success, we understand you have options to consider and need to complete a diligent research process prior to settling with the right legal team for you.

personal injury attorney qualities to look for

The following are things to consider when selecting the right Marietta personal injury attorney for you:

  • Experience – Has he or she been in the courtroom before, and won? If the insurance company takes you to court, you want someone who is more than just a great negotiator behind-the-scenes. You want someone who has been tested in front of a jury. How many years has this attorney or firm been in practice?
  • Reputation – Does he or she have a positive reputation amongst peers, previous clients, and the community? Do many people regard this person as a formidable opponent in the courtroom? Like anywhere else, the legal realm is a small field. Most people know each other, and it is important you don’t end up in the hands of someone who is known as incapable or flighty.
  • Areas of practice – While there are great advocates who cover a wide range of practice areas, this isn’t as common as you may believe. This is why it is important you consider a firm or attorney who focuses solely on personal injury cases, so you can rest assured you will be in the hands of a legal team devoted to your cause and your cause alone.

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At Jones & Swanson, we know you are in a precarious situation following an accident or injury caused due to no fault of your own. This is why we will apply all of our time, energy, and resources to ensuring you are on the right track to obtaining the compensation you deserve. Our Marietta personal injury lawyers will be your ultimate ally during this challenging time.

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