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Who is Liable for Car Accidents Caused by Vehicle Defects?

Car accidents can be caused by many different factors: texting and driving, inclement weather, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, road conditions, and other elements. Other issues that can result in a car accident are vehicle defects or mechanical issues. If a car is not functioning properly, the driver can lose control of the vehicle and endanger others on the road. When vehicle defects result in a car accident, the vehicle manufacturer, a mechanic who recently worked on the car, or the driver may be liable for the damages.

Car and Part Manufacturer Liability

Vehicle manufacturers may be liable for a car accident if a defect can be traced to incorrect design or manufacturing practices. When a vehicle is defective, there is something fundamentally wrong about the way the car was made. Some common vehicle defects include issues with airbags, wiring, seatbelts, brakes, and steering.

In these cases, it may not be necessary to prove the vehicle manufacturer’s liability. Cases of product liability sometimes do not require proving fault; instead, evidence of the defect is often enough to demonstrate their liability.

Mechanic Liability

In some cases, a mechanic may be responsible for the mechanical issues that cause a car accident. If a car was recently worked on, it’s possible that the people who performed the repairs either failed to correct the issue the car was brought in for, or that they damaged something else while working on the car. Evidence such as maintenance records, bills, and other documents relating the vehicle’s repair can be helpful in exhibiting the liability of a mechanic.

Driver Liability

Drivers themselves could be liable for car accidents caused by vehicle defects. As the owner of a vehicle, drivers are responsible for maintaining their cars. Keeping a car working properly not only ensures that the vehicle runs smoothly but keeps the driver and others on the road safe. By failing to complete regular maintenance on a vehicle, or by ignoring issues, drivers put themselves and others at risk. If an accident occurs because of their negligence, the driver can be held liable for damages.

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