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Do I really need an attorney?


We often speak with clients who have been told by insurance adjusters they do not need to hire an attorney. Unfortunately, some people heed this advice and attempt to resolve their case without consulting an attorney. The vast majority of those people are taken advantage of by the same adjuster and later resolve their claim for significantly less compensation than is reasonable. Only an experienced injury litigation attorney can evaluate your claim to ensure you are being treated fairly for your claim.

The attorney’s at Jones & Swanson can provide several benefits. These include:

  1. Investigative services. Our attorneys work with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to determine what caused your accident. Evidence is a key factor in maximizing a financial settlement in a personal injury case. Thus, having an attorney by your side to conduct a thorough investigation will make a huge difference. Lawyers can request police reports, talk to important witnesses, gather documentation of the incident, and build your case.
  2. Assessment services. Our Personal injury attorneys have experience representing a variety of cases. They will help assess your claim to determine its worth. Our lawyers will analyze your situation, determine what benefits you may be entitled to, and help you make informed decisions regarding your case. Whether you are seeking a settlement for a car accident, slip and fall incident, animal attack, or other situation, having legal representation can help you understand your options.
  3. Negotiation services. Our Lawyers have extensive experience working and negotiating with insurance companies. We do it every day for our clients. Insurance claims adjusters will offer the lowest settlement possible to avoid paying you what you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys will fight for you and work hard to negotiate a favorable settlement for your case. Our lawyers often know the tricks and techniques of insurance companies. We will protect you from being taken advantage of by large insurance companies who will try to withhold the compensation you deserve.
  4. Informative services. Personal injury cases can be complicated and require extensive paperwork. Our attorneys will answer your questions, help you file the necessary paperwork, and explain confusing legal and medical terms regarding your case. Even if your case seems relatively straightforward, it is beneficial to have legal assistance, should any issues or complications arise.
  5. Objective services. After an injury, emotions can be difficult to manage. Particularly when pursuing compensation. Having an objective focus from one of our trained personal injury attorneys will help you obtain the settlement you deserve. For example, if you are injured in a car accident and just want to take a quick settlement to put the incident behind you, one of our attorneys can help you pursue the amount of compensation you deserve. Having an attorney who can handle the legal issues and fight on your behalf so you focus on healing and getting your life back together provides great comfort during a very difficult time.


If you have suffered injuries, are facing expensive medical bills, or have suffered lost wages due to your condition, it is a good idea to hire a personal injury lawyer. You should always have a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases hiring legal counsel if you are facing permanent disability or long-term conditions that could last for a year or longer. Medical treatment and your bills will add up over time. Having experienced legal assistance from Jones & Swanson can help you pursue the settlement you deserve.


At Jones & Swanson, we have guided hundreds of clients to successful resolutions for their claims. Whatever your situation, we can discuss your options and tenaciously represent you against insurance companies. Even if your case seems relatively simple and easy, unexpected complications may arise. Having our personal assistance every step of the way can help ensure you have the dedicated assistance you need as you pursue compensation. Our compassionate personal injury attorneys can tirelessly uphold your right to compensation.

It is important for you to contact the injury lawyers at Jones & Swanson as soon as possible following an accident. Please call our office today at (770) 427-5498 or submit an online inquiry for a free consultation to discuss your particular situation.

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