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Rollovers in Motor Vehicle Accidents

While some accidents are just fender benders, others can severely damage a vehicle, especially if the vehicle rolls over after being hit. Rollovers are relatively uncommon, occurring in only 2% of all crashes, yet they account for more than 33% of all people killed in auto accidents.

Of those fatalities, about 69% were not wearing seatbelts. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHSTA), SUVs are responsible for most rollovers, while cars are at a much lower risk. If you or a loved one has been injured due to your car rolling over, you may be able to receive compensation with the help of a Marietta auto accident lawyer from Jones & Swanson.

Though SUVs are extremely popular, accounting for a large portion of the auto industry, several manufacturers failed to adequately design and test their sport utility vehicles before they put them on the market. Several SUVs have design defects causing them to be highly susceptible to rolling over. Even accidents that happened at a low speed turn into catastrophic accidents because an SUV rolled over.

Significant evidence has been developed over the years that show auto manufacturers knew that their SUVs were susceptible to rolling over, but to get their vehicles to market, failed to make the appropriate changes needed to make the vehicles safer. If you have been hurt by these manufacturers’ lack of safety precautions, they may be subject to product liability and owe you compensation.

Preventing Injury in a Rollover

The number of SUVs on the road has increased since their introduction, making it easier to get injured by a rollover accident. For you to stay safe on the road, there are some simple precautions you can take:

  • Wear a seat belt: In all crashes, over 69% of fatalities come from not wearing a seat belt. Putting on a safety strap is a massive help in avoiding injury.
  • Watch your speed: The faster you drive, the easier it is for a vehicle to tip over. Almost 40% of fatal accidents involving a rollover were excessively speeding.
  • Be aware of your load: The heavier a vehicle, the more unstable it is. This is especially true if there is a heavy load on the roof. Be smart about where you put heavy cargo and try to stay under the manufacturer’s recommended limit.
  • Be careful in rural areas: Nearly 75% of rollover fatalities occur in rural areas.
    The reasons most often cited for this are cars driven at high speeds and unobstructed highways.
  • Buy a newer model: Newer vehicles have improved safety systems due to modern technology and increasingly higher safety standards by the government. If you can, it’s better to get the newest model possible. Be sure to check the safety ratings of a vehicle before you purchase it.

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